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A Message to Theists

This is a post for all the believers in gods, sons of gods, floods, young earths, and other things that seem to be the unique preserve of the religious.

I would love for your version of reality to be true, I absolutely would. To claim otherwise would be a heinous and dishonest lie. I would love to think that, when I die, I will continue on in a different form. I want to see what happens next with mankind, I want to see where we end up. You know how you were watching ‘Lost’? How you desperately wanted to see how it all worked out? That’s how I feel about the history of our species, I want to see the end.

I would also love to feel that my friends, family, loved ones, all the people I care about, are safe and will go on forever, incapable of truly being lost forever. My children can live for an eternity, happy and fulfilled? My grandparents, their grandparents, and their grandparents can live again, young and full of vigour? Where do I sign up!

So, I don’t disbelieve because I don’t want what you’re offering.

Nor am I possessed by a devil, demon or evil spirit. I am not an evil man, trying to pull people away from ‘the truth’. I am not trying to ruin the lives of people, I am not doing Satan’s work. And, no, I am not unknowingly working for an evil overlord, so you can close that line of thinking down right now.

I am not spiritually blind, I am not brainwashed by science, I am not seeking an excuse to continue my ‘sinful ways’.

Why, then, am I not a believer? Why haven’t I embraced the Bible/Torah/Koran/etc and proclaimed that God/Yahweh/Allah/etc is my saviour? Why, despite all the points made above, am I still an atheist?

The answer, my believing friends, is simple.

Gods don’t exist. The supernatural doesn’t exist. All holy books are nothing more than the writings of men who lived a long time ago.

I was brought up a Christian, I know the Christian scriptures very well(apparently better than a lot of believers, if my encounters with Jesustweeters are anything to go by), I know what you believe. And I know it’s wrong, I know that history, and genetics, and geology, and archaeology, and astronomy all show the inaccuracy of the Bible.

I’ve thought it through, I’ve examined the evidence, and I’ve made a calm, rational decision, uninfluenced by ‘evil scientists’ or any supernaturally evil beings.

I am an atheist, and I know why I am.

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