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Eric Hovind Begs

A while ago Eric Hovind posted a video on Facebook asking for 5000 idiots believers to donate $10 a month for a year. This would supply him with $50,000 a month, or an insane $600,000 a year. You can watch the video here, or download it here if you’re not part of the FB world (or if Eric deletes it).

It seems that $600,000 isn’t enough for Eric though, and now the scheme has gone live via a shiny new website, the amount has increased to $20 a month, meaning that a full sign up would score Eric $100,000 a month in tax free religious donations! Let that sink in, that’s an eye watering $1.2 MILLION a year.

That’s not just begging, that begging on an industrial scale. Utterly shameful behaviour from a so called Christian….though should we be surprised when Eric is perfectly happy to act like a total douche at the unveiling of the first atheist monument?

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6 thoughts on “Eric Hovind Begs

  1. So the green of Christ CO. is showing its face yet again… sad… but not unexpected.

  2. Lilandra just got a first hand example of the kind of dishonest that Eric does:

    Evolution supporters had gathered to demonstrate in Houston against creationism being taught as science. I consented to Hovind interviewing me on the condition he didn’t cut the video. However, he weaseled out of his promise by posting the entire interview and then cutting my part of the interview in a separate video in such a way to make it look like I was saying something I wasn’t.

  3. Like father like son, I guess.

  4. Perhaps it’s just good Godonomics

    Or perhaps it’s just a scam

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