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Eric Hovind Begs

A while ago Eric Hovind posted a video on Facebook asking for 5000 idiots believers to donate $10 a month for a year. This would supply him with $50,000 a month, or an insane $600,000 a year. You can watch the video here, or download it here if you’re not part of the FB world (or if Eric deletes it).

It seems that $600,000 isn’t enough for Eric though, and now the scheme has gone live via a shiny new website, the amount has increased to $20 a month, meaning that a full sign up would score Eric $100,000 a month in tax free religious donations! Let that sink in, that’s an eye watering $1.2 MILLION a year.

That’s not just begging, that begging on an industrial scale. Utterly shameful behaviour from a so called Christian….though should we be surprised when Eric is perfectly happy to act like a total douche at the unveiling of the first atheist monument?

Sye Ten Bruggencate Challenge

Given that Sye keeps talking about me I feel it only right that he and I have it out once and for all. Sye, you’re challenged to either meet me via a Google Hangout or a Skype debate. As always the audio/video will be under a Creative Commons no derivs/no commercial licence.

UPDATE: Still no reply from Ten Bruggencate

Jason Petersen: A Challenge

Here’s a challenge to Jason Petersen – stop badmouthing me on your various risible blogs and Facebook pages, and man up for a Skype debate. 

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