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This is Getting Ridiculous

Facebook complaint

Facebook complaint

In a move that will surprise absolutely no-one, Bob Sorensen has once again abused the ‘report’ function on Facebook to get me suspended. The first time he did this it was because I’d posted a screen shot of a Posterous 404 ‘page not found’, and you can read about that here. The second time, earlier this week, he reported me for posting a link to an image that HE had posted on a public group….the image wasn’t reposted, it was merely hotlinked from the Facebook page for the Question Evolution Project. Amusingly, the notification I received showed only the link as the ‘infringing’ material, which kind of answers the question I presented at the end of this post.

This time, as you can see in the screen shot above, Bob has reported me for posting a reproduction of an email I sent. Yup, it’s an image that Bob has no intellectual claim to whatsoever. Unfortunately it seems that Facebook aren’t very good at policing abuse of the report function, and apparently everything is automatically pulled after a complaint, and the ‘offender’ banned without any hope of appeal.


To be honest, I’m sick of writing about Bob – he’s a pathetic no-mark who does more harm to the reputation of Christianity than I could manage in a million years. I’m only posting this now so that the whole thing is written down, allowing others who might one day fall foul of the gnomish little sadsack to see that he has a well deserved reputation as a total fuckwad.




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13 thoughts on “This is Getting Ridiculous

  1. Whateverman on said:

    Yep, Puddlebringer is a malicious e-coward, and has been one for as long as I’ve seen his screen name (that’s like 6 or 7 years).

    I very strongly suspect that he’s a loser in real life. I don’t mean that simply to libel the guy; I think his behavior suggests it much more effectively than I ever could. He prefers that people not be able to respond to his silly ideas; I’ve never seen him engage someone in honest discussion; and his talk of his home life suggests a loner who spends too much time with his cat.

    $5 says he’s a virgin…

  2. Chuck on said:

    Can you prove any of this? Facebook never reveals who rats you out, so it’s just your guess.

  3. Well, I’ve went and posted a few times over there and at another such site.

    Alex, you may want to come over to the forum that “whateverman” and I post at. The links take you to some posts there.

    It’s a skeptical site with other topics besides religion (though it does include it).

  4. Well, well, well, a new blog wherein to fight the Satanic influence of atheism in our world. I’m putting it on my list of blogs I read, and will add it to my blog’s list of blogs if things work out.

    • Alex Botten on said:

      Edward, this blog is virtually dormant, but feel free to read through the 700+ posts I wrote…maybe you’ll get over your insane heretical delusions

      • Edward is kind of a fucktard…he’s been trolling at Dan’s site, where even Dan goes after Edward, the skepticalcommunity forums, the Incinerating Presuppositionalist blog, etc. I suspect that he’s useless to deal with.

        At least on the skeptical community forums, it’s amusing how his bullshit get’s treated.

  5. No, if it’s dormant. I’m out. Hasta.

  6. Gilbert Parsons on said:

    When a person’s arguments can’t be refuted, obstructionism is the next best thing.

  7. Marge Griffith on said:

    Facebook is very much a part of the problem. It has been my experience that it bans and excludes and de-platforms people on a regular basis. Either we all have freedom of expression and thought, or we don’t.

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