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I Laughed

“An atheopath was caught using an image of mine. (Actually, my wife snapped it.) I told him to take it down. It’s mine, not his. Pretty simple that even this simpleton could understand it. He refused. I reported it to WordPress (Automattic). They made him take it down.Then he put it up again. I filed another takedown notice with WordPress. It came down.I found up that he put the thing up again a third time. Pretty arrogant, “Nobody’s gonna tell me what to do!” attitude, he felt that he was in the right, despite what the law and what the WordPress Terms of Service said. Guess what? Looks like the third strike, he’s out.”

So said Bob Sorensen, over at his risible ‘Stormbringer’s Thunder’ last month, after he frivolously filed a DMCA claim against both this blog and Gods That Don’t Exist.
Do you think he’ll be altering his article now I’ve successfully argued ‘Fair Use’ and had all the material reinstated?

The lesson is – stand up to bullies like Bob, they’re all bluster and no follow through.

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2 thoughts on “I Laughed

  1. Mr. Gordons on said:

    Didn’t you say his wife is dead?

    • A white pages site described Mary Sorensen as deceased, as you well know Bob.

      Why do you continue to pretend to be Mr Gordons? Oh yeah, because you’re a pathological liar!!

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