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This is Getting Ridiculous

Facebook complaint

Facebook complaint

In a move that will surprise absolutely no-one, Bob Sorensen has once again abused the ‘report’ function on Facebook to get me suspended. The first time he did this it was because I’d posted a screen shot of a Posterous 404 ‘page not found’, and you can read about that here. The second time, earlier this week, he reported me for posting a link to an image that HE had posted on a public group….the image wasn’t reposted, it was merely hotlinked from the Facebook page for the Question Evolution Project. Amusingly, the notification I received showed only the link as the ‘infringing’ material, which kind of answers the question I presented at the end of this post.

This time, as you can see in the screen shot above, Bob has reported me for posting a reproduction of an email I sent. Yup, it’s an image that Bob has no intellectual claim to whatsoever. Unfortunately it seems that Facebook aren’t very good at policing abuse of the report function, and apparently everything is automatically pulled after a complaint, and the ‘offender’ banned without any hope of appeal.


To be honest, I’m sick of writing about Bob – he’s a pathetic no-mark who does more harm to the reputation of Christianity than I could manage in a million years. I’m only posting this now so that the whole thing is written down, allowing others who might one day fall foul of the gnomish little sadsack to see that he has a well deserved reputation as a total fuckwad.




I Laughed

“An atheopath was caught using an image of mine. (Actually, my wife snapped it.) I told him to take it down. It’s mine, not his. Pretty simple that even this simpleton could understand it. He refused. I reported it to WordPress (Automattic). They made him take it down.Then he put it up again. I filed another takedown notice with WordPress. It came down.I found up that he put the thing up again a third time. Pretty arrogant, “Nobody’s gonna tell me what to do!” attitude, he felt that he was in the right, despite what the law and what the WordPress Terms of Service said. Guess what? Looks like the third strike, he’s out.”

So said Bob Sorensen, over at his risible ‘Stormbringer’s Thunder’ last month, after he frivolously filed a DMCA claim against both this blog and Gods That Don’t Exist.
Do you think he’ll be altering his article now I’ve successfully argued ‘Fair Use’ and had all the material reinstated?

The lesson is – stand up to bullies like Bob, they’re all bluster and no follow through.

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