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An Update on Bob ‘@piltdownsupermn’ Sorensen’s Lies

In this article, entitled ‘Dumping Posterous’, Bob ‘I’m a HUGE liar’ Sorensen claims that he voluntarily ditched his Posterous account, before making the following statement –

“An atheopath is claiming credit for that one site on Posterous being down. But since he is famous for lying, libel and defamation, I doubt that it’s true.”

Really, Bob? Well here’s a screen print to prove it.




But you knew that already, didn’t you Bob? And you know that you’re lying to your reader by claiming otherwise.

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One thought on “An Update on Bob ‘@piltdownsupermn’ Sorensen’s Lies

  1. Whateverman on said:

    No one can be as dishonest and cowardly – and proud of it – without having mental issues of some kind. Puddlebringer needs help.

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