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Fundamentally Flawed, and this Blog

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted much recently and, if you listen to the podcast, you’ll notice I’ve not been a regular on that either in several weeks. The reason is simple – I’ve nothing new to say.

I feel like I’ve gone ever the same subjects over and over again on here, and likewise on the podcast – there’s only so many times one can sigh at the idiocy of people who believe demonstrable nonsense.

So I think I want to quit. What used to interest me enough to write many articles a month now bores me rigid, and what used to amuse me enough to churn out hours and hours of the podcast now just makes me dread the thought of recording another show.

A few people will have noticed that they can no longer contact me on Facebook, that’s because I’ve cut the people I’m ‘friends’ with back to those I either know in real life, or those who’ve interacted enough with me for my interest in what they’ve got to say to continue. If I’ve deleted you and you feel offended by it, please don’t – I had to clear my timeline of an almost endless stream of negative posts against religion.

I don’t want to be an ‘atheist personality’, I don’t want to be known only for what I don’t believe about a single subject – ultimately it doesn’t make very much difference to the wider world….the stupid will continue to be stupid, and they will continue to try to control the lives of others. Frankly they disgust me, but I’ve lost my desire to fight them. Let them continue to deny reality in their sad little lives, I’ve got better things to do.

Writing this blog, and being involved in the podcast, feel like a chore, and I don’t want to keep doing something I’m not enjoying.

So I guess I’m through.

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13 thoughts on “Fundamentally Flawed, and this Blog

  1. I had to clear my timeline of an almost endless stream of negative posts against religion.

    Whoops. Sorry about that…..

  2. Corky on said:

    I quit once or twice myself over the course of 30 some years…can’t blame ya, Alex, it’s certainly a thankless task (hopeless too, probably).

  3. I can appreciate what you are going through… Two years ago I started a blog. I didn’t quite get the readership yours does (“didn’t quite” = <10 subscribers), but I kept plugging away at it. After a while I just ran out of things to say. :-/ Well, that and everything turned into a bitch session with way too much negativity.

    Maybe one day I'll take it up for real again – maybe I'll even double my readership and make it into double digits!

    I wish you well regardless of your decision to carry on or take a break (short- or long-term).

  4. I wish you well regardless of your decision to carry on or take a break (short- or long-term).
    Same here. Sometimes for one’s own mental health one has to get away from those clods. I may have waited too long in my case….

  5. Ydemoc on said:


    Hate to see you go, but I understand it.

    How about this, though? Your major complaint seems to be that it takes too much of your time and that it isn’t fun for you anymore. Fair enough.

    But what if you just popped in every so often, and provided one sentence or even just one word verdicts on things people say to you or on headlines you happen to come across.

    Just deliver a short verdict. No explanation. If any discussion ensues, great. If not? Oh well.

    For example, if you spot a headline that reads: Creationism Still More Popular Than Evolution.

    If it moves you to do so, you could simply post: “So?”

    Maybe with this approach, you will still be able to reap some satisfaction (having an outlet for the occasional theistic nonsense that bothers you) without having to devote too much time to it.

    Anyway, it’s just a thought.

    Hey, if you adopt such an approach, maybe the headline of your first post could be: Reader Suggest Different Taking Different Approach

    And then you could give us your one word response.

    Of course, I guess we’ll know pretty quickly if you don’t like the idea — especially if your response to that first post happens to be: “No thanks.”


  6. This is a bit of common theme of podcasters and bloggers lately (the Good Atheist, Iron Chariots Podcast, Atheist news just a few that I can think of…).

    It’s obvious that dealing with the brick walls that are people like $ye Ten Bruggincate and his little buddy Eric Hovind will really take the, what, energy, hope for humanity, out of you.

    Well, I really enjoyed your contribution, and I learned a lot from the discussions you had on the podcast.

    I hope this is temporary, and that something fires you up again.

    Rich. (@rnistuk on twitter.)

  7. Alex if I may make a suggestion. I purposefully did not name my blog as having anything directly to do with atheism. I write about atheistic related topics when and if I feel like it and when I dont, I dont. I often post about things I do believe in and take an interest in. Derik over at EOS has taken a similar appraoch. Perhaps all you need to do is diversify your blog somewhat.

  8. Sorry to hear you aren’t enjoying it any more. I suppose you did special in arguing with cretins, so it might be nevitable that you can’t stand it any more. I’ll carry on listening to Fundamentally Flawed, but it is always been better when you two are on it. 🙂

    Like rustyjustin, I stray onto a range of different subjects on my blog, so I’m still enjoying blogging.

  9. If you want to quit, I’ll take over writing this blog for you, if that will help.

  10. I am just getting started in the world of atheist blogging. I can certainly understand your situation. I’m glad that you shared what you could. People like me who are just “coming out” need bloggers, youtubers, podcasters, etc. out there so they know there are other people who think the way they do. I remember the feeling of total relief and excitement when I read Divinity of Doubt and The End of Faith and thinking as I read, “Yeah, I feel the same way! Finally!” Thanks for your blog and I hope all is well.

  11. I say bravo, Ive been blogging only a year, And I know the day I no longer have to blog, is the day I have moved beyond this episode in mylife of de-conversion and it no longer mattering if I am a christian or not

    • John Bedson on said:

      I agree with Rodriguez; so long as we keep blogging we have not fully recovered from Christianity. We have to grow up and put it behind us – rather like children realising that Santa does not exist. It was all a mistake. Let us move on to better things.

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