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Let me note that the norm from here on out on my posts will be for the comments to be closed. If you don’t like that, or want to address something that I write, then you can get your own blog (they are actually available for free on the Internet) or contact the site through some other means. I find that most people are skimming the posts and then writing on something that has already been addressed or they are writing about something totally unrelated to the post. Most comments are far too long and far too unhelpful for me to continue to allow them.

That’s Chris Bolt, writing on that den of presubullshit, Choosing Hats. The reason I’ve reproduced it here is because it illustrates an increasingly common trait on Christian blogs – banning comment. For a group that seem to think they have all the answers and believe themselves to hold an unassailable position when it comes to ‘truth’, they sure do a lot of comment banning! Bob ‘Piltdown Superman’ Sorensen doesn’t allow comments on any of his risible anti-reality nonsense-fests, $ye heavily moderates his blog, Dustin Segers long ago stopped comments (after Dawson Bethrick made an absolute fool of him), and countless other no-marks ban any dissenting commentary from their Facebook groups and websites.

I guess if they simply ignore any inconvenient facts they think they’ll go away, it’s a shame for them that the world doesn’t work that way.

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21 thoughts on “Comments

  1. McFormtist on said:

    I have to be honest, I cannot figure out how to interpret your complaint in light of the statement immediately above the combox.

    • McFormtist on said:

      oops, below the combox, rather.

      • Oh, I’ll ban people if they act like dicks, but ‘acting like a dick’ doesn’t mean ‘post opinions that don’t chime with the author of the blog’ – the only people I’ve had to ban have been lunatics who made threats of violence.

  2. btw, do I get £5 for guessing you’re Chris Bolt?

  3. I guess you’ve had to come over here to post nonsense now that you can no longer do it at your own site (other than your idiotic posts, that is)

    • Well, isn’t that interesting. People come onto our site and post “nonsense” – things unrelated to the subject of the post – that’s the point of the post, in fact – but now you’re complaining when people post nonsense on yours. Ironic, isn’t it? 😉

  4. Hey, Joshua, do you remember the time Chris Ragedeleted all his comments from this blog? That was hilarious! And then he made this – – before deleting half the posts! Classic presubullshit!

  5. I think outspoken blogging Christians are abnormally concerned with profanity. It doesn’t matter whether they lie to their readers, or behave dishonestly – if you get angry and use a few naughty words, ooh! You’re in trouble.

    It seems as if they use it as superficial justification for censoring opinions they either can’t or are unwilling to address.

    I haven’t read Chris’ blog, however, so I can’t say whether my opinion accurately describes him. It’s simply a pattern of behavior I’ve seen for more than 3 decades now.

  6. imnotandrei on said:

    I am amused, because I think I am partially responsible, having dragged Hezekiah Ahaz over to Chris’ blog by way of complimenting him on not being HA. 😉

    They then had a delightful little go-around.

    • Well, as much as the in-fighting amuses me to no end, ‘andrei, I think you might have done something useful.

      Nide certainly isn’t capable of accepting criticism from someone who doesn’t share his world view, but a spat with fellow Christians might actually get him to stop being such a dick.

      • Steven S. on said:

        One can only hope, though he’s showing no signs of it. I am beginning to think more and more that he’s just a troll, period, trolling whoever he can with his act.

  7. Steven S. on said:

    Though now HA’s blog, old and new, have vanished. Either it’s the flouncing of a troll, or someone who’s woken up and realizes what they were. I hope the latter, rather than the former.

  8. For those who may be wondering why we don’t like religion, get a fucking load of this:

    You too, can find contentment, despite the fact that you may be living in an emotionally abusive situation. You can find contentment in the Lord and in yourself.

    No one wants to be in an abusive marriage, but if you are a Christian woman the decision to leave or stay is not yours alone. The Lord has a plan for you and if you seek His wisdom, He will show you the way. Just know that if He leads you to remain in the marriage, He will be your strength. In “Our Daily Bread” by RBC Ministries, this sentence brings it home. “Assignments from God always include His enablement.”

    Yeah, right. If I were in this situation, I’d say: “F**k you, “Lord”: I’m going to the cops to get this guy away from me and a lawyer to get a divorce!”

  9. Note the quotation marks around “lord”, just so’s you all know.

  10. Dammit, those were supposed to be on the “choosing hats” thread!

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