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….And Then $ye Deleted His Reddit Account!

Seems he couldn’t take the heat of being relentlessly pounded by people who think he’s full of shit.


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2 thoughts on “….And Then $ye Deleted His Reddit Account!

  1. So sad that it took away all of his comments also… but the funny thing is you can pretty much figure out what he said if you squint your eyes at the [deleted] statement…

  2. Damn that coward…it’s so much more fun when they don’t do that! I’m replying to Warden’s latest post which is almost right above mine.

    His reasoning is nuts, the other posters there are taking him apart and yet he still tries to bob and weave like crazy. It’s like a car wreck.

    Just read through that thread plus this one to see just how far gone Warden is!

    I hope the sodding links work.

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