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This is from the Crown Rights Facebook page (added emphasis mine, spelling errors all theirs) –

“need to set some things straight. First the Bible says that Atheist supress the truth in unrighteousness (Romans 1). That means they are liars. They lie about the existence of God for the sake of their own sin. This means if any Atheist comes to you and has “inside knowledge” about Crown Rights future plans with Sye TenBruggencate and our partnership, reflect on Romans 1. Atheist are liars. Crown Rights has a lot of great things planned and we do a good job of keeping those things quiet, even from Christian brothers and sisters. I can assure you that Atheist do not have some sort of inside scoop on what were planning. Ignore any facebook messages and statuses they might post.

So to set the record straight. Crown Rights and Sye TenB are still good friends and are continuing on as always. Crown Rights is not scared of atheist tactics and threats. I can take these guys in person preaching on the street, I can take them online while they set in their parents basement just the same. No problem either way.

Crown Rights was created to be on the front lines of the war on Humanism and believes Humanism is soon to be defeated, a scab on the planet just as the Catholic Church is today. This is where we belong. Were comfortable here.

We welcome the attention, and the publicity.

For the Crown Rights of King Jesus!”

I’m starting to wonder how sane Marcus (I’m assuming Marcus wrote this) is.

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7 thoughts on “Insane

  1. sarahlou on said:

    Atheists are liars because the bible says so. How convenient lol.

  2. Nick on said:

    I’m a liar? Is that libellous?

  3. Gabriel K. on said:

    We are not atheists, we are assassins. Nothing is true, everything is permitted. We are at war with the templars, they are the enemies, it is a war that’s been going on for centuries…. Ok I’m done playing “Assassin’s Creed”. Back to work.

  4. Its not lying it is atheistic taqiyya. Oops – no its not even that!

  5. Figured I’d post this over there since they’re so certain that atheists are the problem.

    • Looks like my post was taken down…too bad since it was a perfect reply to the idiot who said that
      Tommy and Paul, you know the truth. I pray that your eyes would be opened to the truth.
      I cannot fathom how loving God and your neighbor as yourself does not translate favorably for society.

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