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The following was posted on Reddit by a spokesperson for Crown Rights in reply to a message by one of my FF co-hosts

With the death of Christ on the Cross. The war is over. Humanism is simply being paraded that it might be put to death publicly. It will die the death of a 1000 papercuts.

This is why you guys are freaking out about Pressupositional Apologetics. Because it will ultimately be your end. This is why you don’t allow debates against presupp apologists. Because you don’t want to publicize your defeat.

The truth is that The Bible says that unbelievers are fools. Presupp Apologetics exposes this. So go ahead, continue to suppress it. We will continue to spread the word. Eventually you will be unable to suppress it as it will be the common apologetic of the day and Atheism will go into hiding.

The Christian Worldview triumphs over all other worldviews.

Your time is near.

err…..ok…..if you say so. The real reason we’re tired of talking to presubullshitters is entirely down to how utterly failed their ‘apologetic’ is. It’s boring, it’s repetitive, it’s unconvincing, it has numerous lines of argument that completely undermine it (covered at length both here and in other places around the web).

I’m going to make a prediction here, presubullshit will NEVER be the ‘common apologetic of the day’, it’s already staggering into its end game, having been fatally wounded over the last several years by people far smarter than me. And as for ‘atheism will go into hiding’, that’s just nonsense, as everyone who encounters the TAG immediately, and correctly, identifies that there’s something wrong with it…..well, everyone other than a certain group of Christians!

The TAG is dead, it has been for years, and Crown Rights are delusional in the extreme if they think otherwise.


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2 thoughts on “Delusion

  1. freddies_dead on said:

    This is why you don’t allow debates against presupp apologists.

    Lol, all the while the hypocrites are breaching copyright and assembling DVD’s of presupp apologists taking part in debates.

    Debates that are then freely available from multiple source. Although they want you to pay for the privilege of viewing them.

    The truth is that The Bible says that unbelievers are fools.

    And The books of Harry Potter call non-magical folk ‘muggles’. Is there some point to this sentence? Or should we just accept that you have a penchant for accepting fiction as truth?

    Presupp Apologetics exposes this.

    The only thing presupp apologetics exposes is the sheer dishonesty of the person professing it as their worldview.

    Your time is near.

    Yet another failed religious prophecy? Or an eerily accurate prediction, albeit one that they won’t enjoy the fruits of? That the time of rationality is almost here? A time when religiosity gives way to reason and people can finally throw off the shackles of fundamentalist dogma? I certainly hope so.

  2. I read this four times because of how it made me laugh.

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