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We’re Not Living in the ‘End Times’

For many years I’ve firmly believed that our perception of violence and crime in the world around us has been incorrectly warped by a combination of our expectations and media reporting. I have expressed the opinion that, if we were to break the figures for violent crime (including wars) down to a percentage of people killed, or committing the acts, per head of population then we would see that the world was no worse than it was 50, 100, 200, or even a thousand years ago – the same percentage of people would be sociopaths, or lean towards criminality or violence. I regularly stated that I believed that our perception of crime due to almost instant reporting of events thousands of miles away, events that might have taken years to reach us if they did at all 200 years ago, makes us believe that life is a constant state of war and crime for the vast majority of our species.

The media is certainly partly responsible for this, daily reporting the wars and violence that seemingly rages across the surface of our world in an ever increasing wave, but I felt that this was giving an incorrect view.

I was wrong.

No doubt to the absolute horror of the many Armageddon obsessed death  cults that exist in the world today (including both Christianity and Islam) who have to believe things are getting worse for their Bronze and Iron Age books of Myths to be true, the world is actually getting better.

Just watch this TEDD talk by Steven Pinker –

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11 thoughts on “We’re Not Living in the ‘End Times’

  1. The Vicar on said:

    Hmmm? Sure, we’re living in the ‘end times’. A scant few hundred years from now, unless something major changes, the human population of earth is going to be a tiny fraction of what it is today. That, after all, is what “unsustainable” means. We’re already a bit past peak oil according to the oil companies themselves, we’ll hit peak nuclear or peak natural gas in a matter of a few decades if we move fully to either one, and we can’t move to coal at this point without smothering ourselves pretty quickly, regardless of when the “peak” comes. And the current population is only made possible by vast energy usage. (To say nothing of the fact that drinkable water is running out, and that we’re destroying parts of the environment which sustain humanity.)

    So at some point, we’re going to either migrate into space (currently untenable — we can’t get far, and getting enough of us away to be significant is basically impossible) or have a mass die-off, whether it’s by starvation or plague or war or whatever. Probably war, because I can’t imagine that every single nuclear nation will say “well, fuck, we may be dying horribly and by inches, but we’re going to take a principled stand and not try to blackmail other countries into giving us resources, and eventually actually nuke them when they fail to deliver because they’re dying too”. (To say nothing of “we’re dying anyway, may as well take a pot shot at our old enemies the [fill in blank depending on country]”.)

    Technology may offer us a way out — but actually planning on it is like saying “we don’t need to worry about the rent this month; we bought a handful of lottery tickets!” There is no viable technology in the pipeline to clean up the mass of waste plastic in the Atlantic ocean which is slowly killing off all the sealife, for example.

    Thank you, Republican party, for spending the last half-century killing off any plan to avert the horrors which are in store for humanity in the not-too-distant future.

  2. Speaking of atheistic “Cult of Science”. Here is a fine example.

    Science has killed more then any religions combined. Yet, the same people that touted science as the solution for all, are the same people complaining about degrading the environment…caused mainly by said “science”. Silly Atheists.

    Science even agreed with that point that things will end somday. Universe is winding down, after all. The reason for the endis that humans exists, therefore things will end. The things the Atheists celebrate, humans and science, will be the cause. Atheists also refuse to live with Christian values and vice versa. Therefore it’s a matter of time before things end.

    That being said, are you absolutely certain that Steven Pinke is right? If so, how are you certain? :7)

    • I can think of several ways in which your comment is either wrong or inaccurate, but let’s go with the first assertion, that “science” kills more people than “religion”. This statement is false no matter how you slice it.

      Let’s start with victims killed immediately in the name of either one. That is, people who get killed in the name of science or religion. The number of people who have been killed “because science” is actually quite small. Basically, you have eugenics programs, which had a brief vogue and sputtered out, and that’s about it. Contrast that with the number of people killed in the name of one god or another: there are the (extremely implausible) millions killed in the Old Testament, a smaller-but-more-plausible number killed by various factions in the bronze age, the millions killed in the Crusades, the various wars featuring expansionist Islam (which include a lot of people killed in Asia, who westerners mostly don’t know about), the various pogroms and riots about Judaism throughout Europe over hundreds of years (the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and all that — arguably the Holocaust was an extension of this, since most of the people doing the killing had this as their motivation), the various clashes between Protestants and Catholics, the wholesale slaughter of the Cathars in Medieval France, the various people killed by the Mormons on their way westward, etc. etc. etc.

      “But” you say “what about the people killed only because science exists? Surely we can say that, for example, everyone who dies in the explosion of a nuclear weapon is a victim of science!”

      Well, if you want to play it that way, then every single death by starvation or exposure since 1900, and there are hundreds of millions of them, exists because the Catholic church refuses to take an active stance to relieve hunger and poverty, and amasses enormous wealth. Against this, no other number stands a chance. Even discarding the Catholics, there are all sorts of ways in which the passive effects of religion kill people in large numbers. Everyone killed in any war between the U.S. (or Israel) and an Islamic state is basically a victim of religious argumentation, for example, and the number there is growing every single day.

  3. Don’t forget the 30 years war in the german states several hundred years ago: It was a religious war that killed off about a third of the people of the german areas at the time. Not much numerically but per capita certainly worse than anything the “atheist” countries have done, and surely a lot more than “science” (whatever the fuck Dan means by here).

  4. Speaking of eugenics its dtill going on its just not in plain site. Like it was before. The food that we eat is killing us. Its loaded with hormones and gmo’s that are bad for your health. Vaccines that you take are killing you, they loaded with mercury and other harmful chemicals to the body. Prescriptions drugs kill you, they loaded with chemicals that cause other diseases ment to degenerate the body. America is getting fatter. There is “evil” eveywhere. People just have to be woken up and shown the truth. Any questions dont hesitate to email me. I used to think all of these things were “conspiracys until i stepped back and looked at everything as a whole. Just follow the money. M. Email with questions.

    • You will trace that money to the pharmaceutical science that Atheists believe is “real” science. Monsanto has a plethera of scientists doing their evil to the world. Proffit driven science is not science at all. Atheist will treat these sacred cows like they are the gospel truth, in the name of “science”. They are indeed mislead. Great comment Dee

  5. sandman666 on said:

    Are we now living in the “End Times?” I don’t really know, nobody can say for certain if this particular century or the next one will be the last… 50 50 at best…

    This last days mindset seems to be spreading all over the freaking planet today…
    However, I’m not going there! This shaky ground concepts with no verifiable proof is just more useless hearsay and I believe we’ve heard more than enough of that crap already…

    The evidence doesn’t exist as of yet! Israel is only a lousy pathetic state and not a mighty nation…. “duh!”
    Besides what unforeseen power does this UN have to grant anyone statehood?

    So, until something truly catastrophic happens which changes how people think in a general nonreligious sense, it looks like this world will remain on the brink for now!

    OK, for the sake of argument, all those centuries before this one don’t really mean jack, for the simple reason they (except for the last part of the 20th century) didn’t have the ability to annihilate every living thing on the freaking planet…

    Two Japanese cities were indeed destroy in 1945 citizens wipe out to the last with a brand-new awesome weapon, that turned out to be, “not so awesome after all…”

    Thus, for 50 years after that live exercise, we lived with the threat of annihilation and nothing happened……

    Our Cold War with the Russians became a joke….
    like the so-called war on terrorism, just a joke too unless you count the M.I.C…

    Today, everybody owns or is trying to construct some nuclear weapons…
    Sadly, blowing the world up 50 times over is not enough anymore, no they want even more bang for the buck!

    We have lots of gifted PHD holding scientists wasting countless billions to find the so-called, “God Particle…”?” Ha, at the same time this lunacy risking all of humanity just to discover God? These unwise fools run the risk of creating a frightening black hole by accident, that could in theory! Cause lots of havoc on the planet?

    Who knows what other hideous weapons of mass death these modern-day mad geniuses have created to further depopulate this freaking planet…?

    I believe we are not alone in this universe, someone is in control of everything including the destiny of this civilization too….

    Call this a “universal standard in destructive capabilities limitation clause” if that doesn’t sound too off the wall…

    Yeah, a point of no return once reached triggers this red alert siren thingy prompting the creator to intervene once again in human affairs….

    A friendly reminder if you will, that one should never become strong enough to annihilate ones-self a.k.a commit genocidal suicide…

    Or it’s time for the Creator to step in and save mankind from itself once again…

    Hmm, something to ponder with or argue about! Hmmmmmm

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