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Define: Irony – Claims innocence of selling content without authority of second party next to an advert for a DVD featuring a debate sold without the authority of the second party.

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One thought on “Irony

  1. Gabriel K. on said:

    I’ve noticed that $ye has two weaknesses:

    1. His HUGE ego. He takes pride in “winning debates” but only using his same pre-rehearsed script. Like a chess player using the same moves every time, he will win some games, until someone figures out what he is up to. His moves have been debunked, and he has not survived the scrutiny of REAL philosophers, mathematicians, physicists, even fellow christians (the ones he calls “pharisaical weasels”). When he is being defeated, he uses his his hidden weapons: running away or banning. He has disabled ratings in his youtube videos, afraid of big red lines. At least his accomplice, Eric Hovind, is man enough not to ban users or disable ratings.

    Just look at his website, he is supposed to be a “christian”, yet we don’t see any christian symbols. Just a tic-tac-toe full of “X”s. His logo demonstrates his pride.

    2. As much as he hates to admit it, he needs us. He can only sing one song, and he needs to sing it in front of an atheist to make a living (make a DVD and sell it). Unfortunately for him, we don’t trust him anymore. We have identified his scam. Maybe that’s why he is so desperate, trying to appear before the reedit community to “clear his name”. He needs to prey upon one of us to continue making a living through his dishonest schemes.

    Most of us engage religious people as a hobbie, but he needs to do it for a living. Suddenly his “tic-tac-toe” doesn’t look to be full of “X”s. Let’s make it absolutely clear for him that he won’t be making money out of debates anymore. Unless of course, the debate is distributed 100% free of charge, no ads, no logos from “Crook Rights Media”, etc etc, or all profits go to charity.

    I am “absolutely certain” that if we make this clear for him, “the debate will be over before it’s begun”.

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