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Fundamentally Flawed, and this Blog

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted much recently and, if you listen to the podcast, you’ll notice I’ve not been a regular on that either in several weeks. The reason is simple – I’ve nothing new to say.

I feel like I’ve gone ever the same subjects over and over again on here, and likewise on the podcast – there’s only so many times one can sigh at the idiocy of people who believe demonstrable nonsense.

So I think I want to quit. What used to interest me enough to write many articles a month now bores me rigid, and what used to amuse me enough to churn out hours and hours of the podcast now just makes me dread the thought of recording another show.

A few people will have noticed that they can no longer contact me on Facebook, that’s because I’ve cut the people I’m ‘friends’ with back to those I either know in real life, or those who’ve interacted enough with me for my interest in what they’ve got to say to continue. If I’ve deleted you and you feel offended by it, please don’t – I had to clear my timeline of an almost endless stream of negative posts against religion.

I don’t want to be an ‘atheist personality’, I don’t want to be known only for what I don’t believe about a single subject – ultimately it doesn’t make very much difference to the wider world….the stupid will continue to be stupid, and they will continue to try to control the lives of others. Frankly they disgust me, but I’ve lost my desire to fight them. Let them continue to deny reality in their sad little lives, I’ve got better things to do.

Writing this blog, and being involved in the podcast, feel like a chore, and I don’t want to keep doing something I’m not enjoying.

So I guess I’m through.

Taking a Bit of a Summer Break

It’s been 10 days since I last posted here, and there have been plenty of things to write about that I could have churned into a few blog posts, but I’m taking a little break instead.

I’ll be back soon, probably.

As Some of the Choosing Hats Gang Have Decided to Show Up….

…..I’ll re-post a challenge to Chris Bolt that first went unanswered back in November

1. Prove that gods exist,
2. prove that your version of your particular god is the ‘right’ one,
3. prove that I believe in your particular version of your particular god,
4. prove that Jesus Christ existed,
5. prove that he was the son of your version of your particular god,
6. prove that I believe that he was the son of your particular god,
7. read my mind to understand my true feelings towards this individual (if you’ve been able to successfully fulfill the previous 6 steps)

This was in response to Chris claiming that I ‘hate’ his ‘god’ – oddly he never responded. I wonder if he’s got some evidence yet?


Let me note that the norm from here on out on my posts will be for the comments to be closed. If you don’t like that, or want to address something that I write, then you can get your own blog (they are actually available for free on the Internet) or contact the site through some other means. I find that most people are skimming the posts and then writing on something that has already been addressed or they are writing about something totally unrelated to the post. Most comments are far too long and far too unhelpful for me to continue to allow them.

That’s Chris Bolt, writing on that den of presubullshit, Choosing Hats. The reason I’ve reproduced it here is because it illustrates an increasingly common trait on Christian blogs – banning comment. For a group that seem to think they have all the answers and believe themselves to hold an unassailable position when it comes to ‘truth’, they sure do a lot of comment banning! Bob ‘Piltdown Superman’ Sorensen doesn’t allow comments on any of his risible anti-reality nonsense-fests, $ye heavily moderates his blog, Dustin Segers long ago stopped comments (after Dawson Bethrick made an absolute fool of him), and countless other no-marks ban any dissenting commentary from their Facebook groups and websites.

I guess if they simply ignore any inconvenient facts they think they’ll go away, it’s a shame for them that the world doesn’t work that way.

Bob Sorensen, Astoundingly Idiotic

In Cow(ard)boy B(l)ob’s latest blog post he mocks some ‘leftists’ as they (according to him) ‘sob about the end of America’, yet in the previous post on his blog he sobs about the end of America himself!

It’s amazing, just when you think Bob can’t get any more ridiculous he manages to put it out of the bag!

….And Then $ye Deleted His Reddit Account!

Seems he couldn’t take the heat of being relentlessly pounded by people who think he’s full of shit.



This is from the Crown Rights Facebook page (added emphasis mine, spelling errors all theirs) –

“need to set some things straight. First the Bible says that Atheist supress the truth in unrighteousness (Romans 1). That means they are liars. They lie about the existence of God for the sake of their own sin. This means if any Atheist comes to you and has “inside knowledge” about Crown Rights future plans with Sye TenBruggencate and our partnership, reflect on Romans 1. Atheist are liars. Crown Rights has a lot of great things planned and we do a good job of keeping those things quiet, even from Christian brothers and sisters. I can assure you that Atheist do not have some sort of inside scoop on what were planning. Ignore any facebook messages and statuses they might post.

So to set the record straight. Crown Rights and Sye TenB are still good friends and are continuing on as always. Crown Rights is not scared of atheist tactics and threats. I can take these guys in person preaching on the street, I can take them online while they set in their parents basement just the same. No problem either way.

Crown Rights was created to be on the front lines of the war on Humanism and believes Humanism is soon to be defeated, a scab on the planet just as the Catholic Church is today. This is where we belong. Were comfortable here.

We welcome the attention, and the publicity.

For the Crown Rights of King Jesus!”

I’m starting to wonder how sane Marcus (I’m assuming Marcus wrote this) is.

Delusion II

From Wikipedia –

Although non-specific concepts of madness have been around for several thousand years, the psychiatrist and philosopher Karl Jaspers was the first to define the three main criteria for a belief to be considered delusional in his 1913 book General Psychopathology.[2] These criteria are:

  • certainty (held with absolute conviction)
  • incorrigibility (not changeable by compelling counterargument or proof to the contrary)
  • impossibility or falsity of content (implausible, bizarre or patently untrue)[3]

Reminds me of a couple of people…..

(thanks to Reddit user Jewpacabras69 for spotting this)


The following was posted on Reddit by a spokesperson for Crown Rights in reply to a message by one of my FF co-hosts

With the death of Christ on the Cross. The war is over. Humanism is simply being paraded that it might be put to death publicly. It will die the death of a 1000 papercuts.

This is why you guys are freaking out about Pressupositional Apologetics. Because it will ultimately be your end. This is why you don’t allow debates against presupp apologists. Because you don’t want to publicize your defeat.

The truth is that The Bible says that unbelievers are fools. Presupp Apologetics exposes this. So go ahead, continue to suppress it. We will continue to spread the word. Eventually you will be unable to suppress it as it will be the common apologetic of the day and Atheism will go into hiding.

The Christian Worldview triumphs over all other worldviews.

Your time is near.

err…..ok…..if you say so. The real reason we’re tired of talking to presubullshitters is entirely down to how utterly failed their ‘apologetic’ is. It’s boring, it’s repetitive, it’s unconvincing, it has numerous lines of argument that completely undermine it (covered at length both here and in other places around the web).

I’m going to make a prediction here, presubullshit will NEVER be the ‘common apologetic of the day’, it’s already staggering into its end game, having been fatally wounded over the last several years by people far smarter than me. And as for ‘atheism will go into hiding’, that’s just nonsense, as everyone who encounters the TAG immediately, and correctly, identifies that there’s something wrong with it…..well, everyone other than a certain group of Christians!

The TAG is dead, it has been for years, and Crown Rights are delusional in the extreme if they think otherwise.


….And Then $ye Took to Reddit….

….and it did not go well.

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