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Sye, Not Logical

EDIT: In response to $ye whining that I’ve ‘breached copyright’ by using this publicly available photograph from Facebook I have two words – ‘fair use’.

EDIT 2: In the spirit of $ye’s attempted defense of his copyright infringing use of audio from the Fundamentally Flawed podcast I will also say this – $ye, this ISN’T your photo, it’s the recording of your photo I made from my computer screen, so (according to your own argument) I can do with it as I please!

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7 thoughts on “Sye, Not Logical

  1. Ydemoc on said:

    Right up there with:

    “Through enslavement comes freedom.”
    Hezekiah Ahaz – May 20, 2012 – 8:40 PM


  2. How do you trick someone into logical thinking? It would be great if Sye did think logically because then he would see the logic as to why he is not thinking logically when arguing against logic with illogical thinking.

  3. Isn’t Sye one of the characters who claims that biblegod is the basis or “justification” for logical thinking in the first place?

    What is this? A Freudian slip?

  4. justin on said:

    more like a Freudian trip and fall down on your face!

  5. Mat Hunt on said:

    I find it amusing that Sye doesn’t actually know what an axiom is. When asked, he deflects without answering and then accuses you of doing the same thing.

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