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“Also, Sye had nothing to do with the
promotion or creation of that video. It
was all me. If you want to address
anyone, address me. He didn’t even
know about it until it was made and I
posted it for him to see. Also might I add, I didn’t even make the video. A
friend of my ministry did.”

That’s a comment from a Crown Rights drone about the video (you know the one). I find this to be so funny it needs reposting, as the Christ pal basically stumbles through ‘$ye didn’t make the video, I did…and even I didn’t make it, someone else did!’

Comedy gold!

Edit: notice as well that he refers to Crown Rights as his ‘ministry’! OOPS!

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6 thoughts on “Hilarious

  1. freddies_dead on said:

    Just when you thought you were scraping the bottom of the barrel stupidity wise, the Christians kindly reveal that there are still unplumbed depths of idiocy, just waiting to be uncovered when you scratch the surface of religious “thought”.

  2. and to think, we allow these types of people into positions of power and manipulation… that’s frightening.

    • justin on said:

      speaking of which, North Carolina just passed a law mandating how fast the sea level can rise. What, do they think they are king Canute or something? Is it just me or does anyone else think North Carolina and South Carolina should be renamed to South Carolina and Further South Carolina receptively?

      • that’s alright, Oregon passed a law (after listening to me ramble for an hour last night) that if your name is Justin you’re never allowed to get sick or else you must spend an entire week handcuffed to $ye while having your mouth tapped shut so you can’t disagree with him.

  3. Gabriel K. on said:

    The christians have revealed their stupidity in such a way that we can be absolutely certain about it.

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