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Bob Sorensen Tries to Again Claim that He Didn’t Write About Me

…and then lies a load, and does a tremendously bad english ‘accent’.

Have a listen to the whining prickbag here

Here’s the short version: 00 Whiny Blob Sorensen.mp3

Listening to Matt Slick and Bob talking to each other is like listening to two halfwits awkwardly chatting on a first date.

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6 thoughts on “Bob Sorensen Tries to Again Claim that He Didn’t Write About Me

  1. I wish I could stomach the idea of listening to cowboy bob.

    I can’t, however.

  2. I listened to the short version. The fact that he even mentioned this on Matt Slick’s show betrays his realisation that he’s been caught out. If he really had made up his blogpost out of thin air — without intending it to be a parody of a particular person — he would simply shrug off your calling him out on it.

  3. freddies_dead on said:

    Dunning-Kruger … in stereo!

  4. Dewi on said:

    I’m actually fumbling for words. The smug idiocy of this man is appalling. It’s not even amusing. How can he say that this story of the drunk atheist in Halesowen was a bit of creative, humourous fiction? (rhetorical question … I have read his blog in the past).

    It’s must have been the “Whore of Babylon’s” blog that’s made him attempt such a pathetic cover up. He’s probably been quivering in terror at the thought of another slapping.

  5. Mat Hunt on said:

    Matt Slick is a bit of an idiot, he likes to think he’s logical but in reakity he’s an utter idiot.

  6. Presumably he has listened to at least one FF pod-cast (why would he be so terrified of coming on himself if he had not?), so why does he think you sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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