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Marcus Pittman Gets It Wrong

Over on his Facebook page, Marcus ‘Crown Rights’ Pittman has posted the following –

“The DVD the Atheist’s don’t want you to watch!” has a nice ring to it. What do you say Sye TenBruggencate?

Marcus, you’ve got it DEAD WRONG! I want EVERYONE IN THE WORLD to see your video, I just don’t want any audio or video that features me to be included, and as the Fundamentally Flawed podcasts are all Creative Commons 3.0 (no derivatives, no commercial) the law basically says you can’t use our recordings.

But other than that I’m more than happy for people to see your video, as the more people who see $ye’s ‘argument’ the more just how utterly flawed and wrong headed it is will get out. You see, Marcus, $ye’s particular brand of presubullshit only works on others who already believe he’s right, so it’s entirely rotten as an apologetic and useless as a preaching tool, and every rational mind that is exposed to it INSTANTLY sees that it’s bullshit. So, Christians, buy this DVD, heck, buy two and give one to a friend, the sooner you do the sooner we can be rid of $ye-entology for ever.

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One thought on “Marcus Pittman Gets It Wrong

  1. I’m curious what Atheist they polled to see whether they wanted people to see the DVD or not… and then asked them “how do you know you don’t want them to see it?” and “could you be imagining that you don’t want them to see it?”

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