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Is It Wrong That I LOL’d?

Bride of Christ” ….fnar.

EDIT: I can only apologise for the nightmares this may give you….

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10 thoughts on “Is It Wrong That I LOL’d?

  1. God…damn you Alex, for posting that picture…god **&@! damn you!!

  2. Damn your soul right to hell…

  3. Alex that photo has psychologically scarred me for life!!!

  4. Ydemoc on said:


    How do I account for my erection?


  5. Gabriel K. on said:

    48 years and single, hmmmmmm

  6. my poor keyboard… and screen… and mind… and inner child… they have all been destroyed.

  7. rustyjustin on said:

    I think I make a better looking woman than Sye Ten, just say’in

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