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More Bitter Ranting From Bob Sorensen

Yet another miserable little dribble of self righteous idiocy has made its way out of Bob ‘Stormbringer’ Sorensen’s grief-ducts and splashed its sorry way onto his keyboard.

In it he indulges in his usual projection and accuses atheists (or ‘misotheists’ as he’s taken to calling us, ‘god haters’….which is weird, considering we don’t believe in god. In fact I’d go as far as saying that being a ‘misotheist’ and an ‘atheist’ are mutually exclusive) of numerous things he himself does daily, pauses to have a go at me for commenting about one of Joe Cienkowski’s poorly written pamphlets on Amazon (apparently I’m not permitted to write a review of Joe’s work without having read it, but it’s fine for Bob to pass judgement on something he hasn’t read and then spew that ‘opinion’ out of his blubbering tearful cry-hole in the direction of the Christian Post), before boasting that he did a drive by commenting on another blog and even relaying that he didn’t have the courage to return to see what the responses were.

The most interesting line, to me anyway, is a short one –

‘The ones who cry about slander and libel (read: telling the truth about them)….’

Considering that I have made it very clear that Bob has directly libeled me, I can’t imagine the above is aimed at anyone else. So, once again, I challenge Bob to present his evidence for the claims he has made about me in the past, namely that –

  • I am an alcoholic
  • I am homeless
  • I am jobless
  • I live in my car
  • I am violent and a danger to others

I’ve asked him a couple of times to back up these claims, but he becomes mysteriously silent, alternating between claiming that he’s not identified me directly, and identifying me directly via comments on Dan Marvin’s blog. He never does, because he’s a craven coward.

Oh, and have I had any response to my open challenge to Bob? Have I fuck!

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2 thoughts on “More Bitter Ranting From Bob Sorensen

  1. I don’t know, you didn’t seem drunk, homeless, violent or inside of a car when you posted your response to my question about belief, as a matter of fact you were the only legitimate response, the Christ Co. rep that showed up only laughed and made an ass out of himself.

    And as far as “jobless” you seem to be doing pretty good for yourself or else I imagine we would be seeing ads all over your site to make a quick buck…

  2. Despite the fact that he blames “darwinism” for eugenics, Dan has come out in favor of forced hysterectomies.

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