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Youtube Got it Wrong

Despite the fact that the audio was clearly taken from an episode of Fundamentally Flawed, and despite being told that the use of this audio was not authorised, Youtube have reinstated $ye Ten Bruggencate/Crown Rights Media’s edited and commercialised version of the show where $ye ran away.

Whether the video is up or not is irrelevant, and the fact that we would have had to have gotten a court order to keep it down after $ye lied to Youtube that the audio had been ‘misidentified’ also indicates how weighted against us the whole episode was. Unfortunately, unlike $ye, we don’t have access to the funds of fundamentalist Christians to help us out financially. The bottom line is the audio was used without permission or attribution, as well as being commercialised and edited contrary to the very terms $ye had agreed to at the start of the show.

I’m glad to see that the comments on $ye’s posting of the video are now starting to head in the ‘you’re a dishonest dickbag!’ direction, which is as things should be.

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10 thoughts on “Youtube Got it Wrong

  1. In the face of well-funded fundies you’re going to lose the fight, but you can still win the argument. That’s why kicking up as much fuss as possible about dishonest tactics is the way to go — highlighting the underlying purpose of this particular evangelical enterprise: money. Once people realise that someone has pecuniary motives that override their integrity, they’ll dismiss the evangelism and refuse to engage. And the enterprise will — eventually — die.

  2. I call upon all good honest Christians to look inside at your heart and ask yourself would you behave as Sye has going back on his word with the purpose of profiteering out of ‘his faith’What he has done is what I believe the majority of honest Christians object to. Dishonesty and deceit. The only way to convince those that do not have your faith that your intentions are true and good is to turn away from the likes of Sye Ten Bruggencate.

  3.      I must respectfully disagree with you, Alex. YouTube did not get it wrong because they did not have the authority to decide the infringement issue; nor should they.

  4. That would explain it then. Hopefully people like Dan and Sye will realize that youtube’ decision then is not necessarily a vindication of their claims that no copyright was infringed and no agreement was broken.

    I know: Faint hope, that.

  5. Gabriel K. on said:

    At least we know now with “absolute certainty” that Satan Beelzebuggencate is a very dishonest person, because he has revealed it to us in such a way that we can all be certain.

  6. Gabriel K. on said:

    It seems that Crook Rights Media is making a DVD about Satan Beelzebuggencate. I bet that your video will be making an appearance, even if the low-life money-craving narcissist from Canada agreed not to.

  7. Think you could get some of the profits?

    Dumb question, but still….

  8. Will the video be available to comment on if it comes out? If everyone asks a question like are you going to donate profits to charity it will force a decision Sye is avoiding.

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