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An Open Challenge To Bob Sorensen

Bob, you repeatedly accuse myself and other atheists of displaying ‘horrible logic’ and being ‘stupefied by hate’, and you claim that your Creationist views are good science whilst those who accept the facts of evolution are wishful thinking.

So, put your money where your mouth is. I challenge you to Skype into a discussion with myself and Jim Gardner (and any other the other Fundie Flawed team that want to join in) to discuss your Creationist views. You will be heard by a rather large number of people, and we will do our best to publicise the whole thing. You can even bring another Christian along if you don’t want to appear on your own.

Over the last year you have sniped and griped at me, often writing the most obscenely offensive lies whilst denying me a right of reply by failing to switch on comments on your blog. I suggest we get this over and done with, talk it through like two men and then move on.

Man enough for it?

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10 thoughts on “An Open Challenge To Bob Sorensen

  1. Man enough for it?

    Cowboy Bob talks the talk, but he wont walk the walk.

  2. I see this as his last chance to redeem himself, to show that he’s not the craven coward we all believe him to be.

    Who knows, he might surprise us all and claw back a tiny shred of dignity?

    I’m not confident, but I want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  3. BathTub on said:

    Of course he’s not, Bob is the one of the biggest bitterist blow-hards on the net. He’s everything he says he hates about Athiests. No way he would have the stones to do that.

  4. scientiaperceptum on said:

    If his behavior on Twitter and his blogs are any indication, Bob will never agree to such a debate as he cannot allow any criticism of his YECreationism. The reason is quite clear when you look into his history: he cannot backup his creationist claims or respond to the scientific reality of Evolution by Natural Selection.

    If you need another science advocate my Skype name is the same as my screen name here.

  5. Nohm on said:

    Are “Bob” and “Stormbringer” the same person?

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  7. Mat Hunt on said:

    People like “cowboy” Bob, aren’t really worth the time.

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