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Sye Has ‘Answered’ Jesse’s Questions

….kind of.

Let’s have a look, taking each one in turn (Jesse’s questions are in bold, Sye’s ‘answers’ in italics) –

‎1. What do you specifically mean when you say God has revealed himself to you?

1. God has revealed His existence to everyone such that they are certain that He exists.

This is a non-answer. Jesse asked Sye what he meant when he said his god had revealed himself to Sye, not ‘who has your god revealed himself to?’. Sye has basically answered by saying that his god has ‘revealed’ himself to everyone, and that we all secretly know he exists, he hasn’t explained what it means to have had that ‘revelation’, or the form the ‘revelation’ has taken.

The lie that everyone is certain that Sye’s version of Sye’s particular god exists is merely a naked assertion, and one that is thoroughly debunked when I state, with absolute certainty, that no such god exists. It’s this ‘you believe but deny it!’ line that I find the most offensive about Sye and his clones, I find it insulting and the height of arrogance to be told what I think and believe by someone who isn’t me.

Let’s see if he does any better with question two –

2. How can you be epistemically certain that God has revealed himself to you?

2. Because He Has revealed Himself in such a way that we are certain of it.

Really?? Sye, you do realise you’ve ‘answered’ with ‘because he has’, don’t you? You do realise that it’s not an answer at all? Sye’s reliance on perfectly circular reasoning is graphically demonstrated here, his reply boils down to ‘I am certain that my god has revealed things to me because it was my god who revealed them to me’.

3. What is Satan’s relationship to the Atheist? Does Satan trick/reveal himself/possess us or are we ‘following in Satan’s footsteps'(ie, simply acting Satanic)?

3. Depends on whether you are of the elect or not.

Another non-answer! What does that mean, Sye? You can’t just throw out something like that and then sit back with a smug grin on your grizzled Canadian face as if you’ve silenced the opposition. Why does it ‘depend on whether you are of the elect or not’? How do you know whether someone is elect without knowing the mind of your god (remember, Matt Slick got into a bit of a mess with me last year on this one)? How does being elect or otherwise alter the way ‘Satan’ tricks/reveals himself to/possesses those who are atheists? Who is this ‘Satan’ anyway? Is he a being? Is he sentient? Is he bound by time? How tall is he? What species is he? Does he have a navel? Sye’s non-answer throws up more questions, and he’s no nearer to actually answering the original point.

4. How can we trust either the ESV or the NIV as accurate transmissions of the Gospels?

4. By reading them.

Eh???? That’s an answer of such vacuousness that Nide ‘Hezekiah Ahaz’ Corniell would be proud of it! Sye, what are we to look for when we read them? What if one says something the other one doesn’t? How would you decide which one was ‘right’? You remind me of a character in the sitcom ‘Nathan Barley’ who suggested the titular ‘hero’ should write two articles for a magazine, a good one and a bad one, and then you’d only read the good one – when questioned as to how one would know which the good one was he replied that you would read both of them, and then only read the good one. Your ‘answer’ is just as meaningless.

4a. The Gospels we have are translations of copies of copies. How can we be sure that the people doing the copying were true Christians?

4a. Irrelevant. One need not be a true Christian to do an accurate translation.

I think this is the nearest to actually giving an (almost) coherent answer, and still it’s piss weak. I’m guessing Sye is saying that his god will use any one he pleases to translate his work, it does now raise the question though – are all translations of the Bible ‘inspired’? Were the Cardinals who decided which books went into the Bible, and which went into the bonfire, ‘inspired’? Was the vote that led to the doctrine of the Trinity being adopted by the early church guided by god? Why was a vote needed at all? Was the text itself not clear enough? See, it’s another ‘answer’ that simply generates more questions.

4b. How can there be two different interpretations if there is only one Biblical truth?

4b. There is only one right interpretation.

Let me guess, it’s the one YOU’VE got, yeah? But wait a second! The Catholic church thinks THEY’VE got the ‘one right’ interpretation! As do the Protestants (of which your Calvinist sect is a spin-off), and they believe DIFFERENT things to those believed by the Catholics! It get’s worse, there are literally thousands upon thousands of Christian sects, all claiming that they are the ONLY holders of the ‘one right interpretation’, they are all as convinced as you, Sye, that they are right. How do you KNOW that you’ve got the ‘only one right interpretation’? The odds are that you haven’t, but you don’t want to know that, do you? In fact you’re so certain that you’re right that you find it incomprehensible that you might be wrong, you literally believe yourself to have ‘perfect’ knowledge….seems to me that you believe yourself to be ‘God’, Sye!

So, a handful of questions, and only one answer even merits the word being used to describe it. Typical of Sye.


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11 thoughts on “Sye Has ‘Answered’ Jesse’s Questions

  1. “Because He Has revealed Himself in such a way that we are certain of it.”

    Do you know, that’s been bugging me for a while, how would that work? What is the ‘such a way’ that you can be certain of it? How could you know for certain that any revelation is true without at least tentative investigation?

    I’ve seen Sye in action in a few debates and he often trots out the question ‘Do you agree that an omnipotent being could impart knowledge in such a way that we can be certain of it?’ and, on the few debates that I’ve seen. his opponent answers ‘Yes’. That would appear to be the intuitive answer (an omnipotent being IF SUCH EXISTED AND HAD THE CHARACTERISTICS THAT YOU ARBITRARILY ASSIGN TO IT, could very well do such a thing) but I think this is allowing Sye a foot in the door that he doesn’t deserve. An explanation of how such a revalation worked and by what manner you could be certain of it (without investigation) has got to be a pre-requisite before you let Sye ramble on any more.

    • Absolutely. I’ve answered ‘no’ to Sye, as the ONLY way Sye could be certain that this supposed being had revealed the truth to him would be if he checked for himself, and to do so he would have to be omniscient….basically the ONLY way one can be certain is if one is a god and can check.

    • freddies_dead on said:

      My response to the “Do you agree that an omnipotent being could impart knowledge in such a way that we can be certain of it?” question has been “Yes, He could grant you omniscience such that you could be certain – anything less would make it logically impossible for you to be absolutely certain of the source and veracity of the claimed revelation”. Whenever I’ve subsequently asked presuppers whether they’re omniscient they’ve unsurprisingly declined to answer.

  2. If there’s only one true translation I would like to know which bible is the “right” bible to read…

  3. I think I could give better answers and I’m an atheist.

  4. I am certain God has not revealed himself to me. If I had a ‘vision’ I would look for answers elsewhere such as my mental health at the time or my state of health or my general state of well being. I would do research on the INTERNET (which wasn’t available 2000 years ago) to find other occurrences and the explanations.

  5. Phlegon on said:

    Actually #3 is worse:

    3. What is Satan’s relationship to the Atheist? Does Satan trick/reveal himself/possess us or are we ‘following in Satan’s footsteps’(ie, simply acting Satanic)?

    3. Depends on whether you are of the elect or not.

    Is Sye suggesting that Atheists *CAN BE* elect??

    I would assume that Atheists cannot be elect, so Sye’s response here is nonsensical.

  6. entropy on said:

    Another question would be “How can we distinguish what you call a revelation from the revelations delusional homicidals have when they claim to be following God’s orders to kill?”

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