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So, What’s Been Happening with @GodsLandGodsLaw?

Short version: the Keith poe ‘died’ from a ‘heart attack’ and now ‘his’ ‘wife’ Linda has taken over the twitter account of ‘her’ ‘dead’ ‘husband’, dubbed herself ‘Dr’ Linda Roberts, and has continued writing in EXACTLY the same style as ‘Keith’.

Oh, and the poe lost 3000 followers, then managed to get a load back by upping the vileness of his tweets.

Why are people still buying his obvious nonsense?

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3 thoughts on “So, What’s Been Happening with @GodsLandGodsLaw?

  1. Blocked his tweets some time ago. Thought it was godswordislaw? I remember he lost his doctorship when it was proven it was false

  2. In god’s eyes ,, everyone is equal ,,, If we make chihuahua noises that annoys others , well my friends that our problem. Some people cant handle their itchy anus , like her.

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