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Jesse Combs Has Some Questions for Sye

….but Sye doesn’t seem to be able to answer them.

In the lengthy exchange with Sye over on Tommy R’s facebook page, Jesse Combs posted a series of questions that presubullshitter, Sye Ten Bruggencate (head honcho at ‘Sye Ten Bruggencate’ and owner of the embarrassingly incorrectly named ‘’) seems unwilling, or (and this is more likely) unable to answer.

To see if we can persuade Sye to actually present some answers I’m going to publish the questions here – I’ve even unbanned Sye to allow him to answer.

Those questions in full –

1. What do you specifically mean when you say God has revealed himself to you?
2. How can you be epistemically certain that God has revealed himself to you?
3. What is Satan’s relationship to the Atheist? Does Satan trick/reveal himself/possess us or are we ‘following in Satan’s footsteps'(ie, simply acting Satanic)?
4. How can we trust either the ESV or the NIV as accurate transmissions of the Gospels?
4a. The Gospels we have are translations of copies of copies. How can we be sure that the people doing the copying were true Christians?
4b. How can there be two different interpretations if there is only one Biblical truth?

Well, Sye? Got any answers to these?

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