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Solid Gold

Read this –

Pay special attention to the last line from Sye-

“They are “” (Not a religious organization by the way).”

Weirdly, if you go to ‘’ you are redirected to which has the following as its header –

“Crown RIghts Media – Christ Centered Christian Media and Video Production”

Now that IS strange! Perhaps the rest of the website corrects this mistake! After all, Sye HAS said that they are NOT a ‘religious organization [sic]’, hasn’t he?

Let’s look at the ‘About‘ page (I’ve emphasised a few choice phrases) –

“For the longest time, even when I was a false convert, I had a desire to have a video production ministry. The Lord seemed to bless my pursuit and placed me into real world video production jobs. My first job doing video was at a summer camp and the stuff I made was horrific. Seriously, I wouldn’t show it to anyone. With less than a shoe string budget I tied a friend to the camps gymnasium basketball hoop and set up a green piece of cloth behind him I got at Wal-mart and made him fly. It was hideous. However, somehow by the Grace of God, in my pride and arrogance I thought it was good enough to get a job at a real TV Station. So I applied to work for a local public school propaganda station and it was no shock that I did not get the job I applied for. What was surprising is I did get hired as an intern. The station manager was a Christian and thought the work I did with zero dollar budget showed creativity and he wanted to help me pursue my video production goals.”

That seems profoundly religiously motivated to me!

So, what’s happened? Are Crown Rights only pretending to be a Christian organisation (I doubt this to be honest), or has Sye Ten Bruggencate been caught lying?

Which is it?


Marcus from Crown Rights has been along and left the following comment –

“Crown Rights was indeed a corporation and not an Organization, but as of the past few weeks we are in the process of converting everything to a Non-Profit and the Crown Rights Media will vanish leaving only”

Huh, perhaps someone should tell Sye that?


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9 thoughts on “Solid Gold

  1. Thanks for Promoting CrownRights! As the founder of Crown Rights (Not Sye) I can assure you that Sye, at the time was right. Crown Rights was indeed a corporation and not an Organization, but as of the past few weeks we are in the process of converting everything to a Non-Profit and the Crown Rights Media will vanish leaving only As you have pointed out, we have a lot of work left to do in separating the two organizations.

    Also, Sye does not run Crown Rights. We simply promote him sort of like a Record Label does an Artist, or a PR Firm. So any beef you have with Crown Rights should perhaps be directed towards me, the one who wrote everything you posted.

    I hope you have a great day.

    • Alex Botten on said:

      I’ve no ‘beef’ at all with you (other than Crown Rights infringing the copyright of Fundamentally Flawed that one time), but have been most amused by Sye’s attempts at digging himself out of the mess he got into this evening.

    • That’s only half the issue though. Read what Sye had said:
      “They are “” (Not a religious organization by the way
      You people are religious, so that’s that right there.

      I do note that you are as slippery with words as Sye is with this “corporation” vs “organization” thing. (Though you may have slipped up there when you mentioned “the two organizations” in your post.) So because Sye was supposedly using the I guess “formal” definition of “organization” he’s correct?

      How do we know that he didn’t mean “organization” in the loose way that you just did? How can you show that Sye meant “organization” in the technical and not the loose sense that you did?

      What the hell is it with you xians? You use every technical trick to get away with breaking what any reasonable person would consider to be a solid verbal, recorded agreement?

      I guess when it comes to not lying, the standard xians use is VERY thin eh? So you can still dodge like Sye did (with his saying that he never “AGREED” he only said he “UNDERSTOOD” bullshit).

      Bullshit artists and manipulators, the lot of you.

  2. syetenb on said:

    So Alex is a religious organization or not?

    • Alex Botten on said:

      You’re a fucking idiot, Sye.


    • Alex Botten on said:

      btw, remember I said that you’d be banned if your next comment wasn’t a reply to the questions I previously posted?


      On 18 May 2012 23:37, Alex Botten wrote:

      > You’re a fucking idiot, Sye. > > Seriously. > >

  3. Wow… just uhm… wow…

    moving from a for profit to a non-profit means that indeed the statements of the website would be correct, since at this point the only purpose for is a smoke screen, or extra door to

    “As you have pointed out, we have a lot of work left to do in separating the two organizations.”

    Maybe you should ask Sye to make it so, he believes himself to be above the law, I’m sure he can just breath them into existence, or was it a sneeze? I can never remember whether we’re supposed to be a waft of air or a snot ball… either way thinking about coming out of someone’s nose really bothers me.

  4. @Derik, lol… I was drinking coffee when I read your post. I now have to clean my desk.

  5. Paul Baird on said:

    It was a frustrating exchange because all of the while Sye was avoiding answering questions put to him.

    He wanted a debate with any and all but would not accept the terms put to him (CC ANCND 3.0 or $1,000 fee) instead he simply wanted carte blanche to edit and sell the recording. The key part being ‘to sell’.

    Clearly the guy is more interested in making a buck than making a point in a line of argument.

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