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Awaiting Moderation

I’ve tried to respond to some of the more extreme falsehoods on Sye’s blog (not even going to link to it, just google ‘offense of the faith’) but it appears that he is moderating. Here’s what I’ve posted –

Really, the whole thing with Sye and this video is beyond childish, why our presup pal can’t just man up and admit that he made a mistake when he went back on the agreement he clearly made is beyond me. Perhaps he wants to push things to the point of an actual legal tussle, to try and force Jim and I into having to pay out large amounts of money just to defend our copyright against dishonest religionists? I for one have no interest in any such challenge, and if Youtube decide to put the dishonestly edited and commercialised video back on Sye’s channel then I will happily let it sit there are a clear monument to the endlessly duplicitous nature of the man. I honestly don’t expect it to get to that though, as I don’t expect Youtube to reinstate a video that clearly infringes copyright (and that has already been pulled down once).

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11 thoughts on “Awaiting Moderation

  1. This seems to be a common theme within the Christian apologetic blogger community. The blogger known as Wintery Knight takes it a step further and selectively publishes comments so that he can act as if he’s refuted them but conveniently fails to publish any rebuttals:

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  3. Huh. Speaking of dealing with falsehoods: I’ve finally decided to once and for all call that slimeball Rick Warden out.

    And yes: I’ve saved a few copies of that page!

  4. My roommate got into a “debate” with Rick Warden over weather quantum physics invalidated atheism of all things and came away from it with the firm conclusion that Rick is an imbecile.

  5. err, whether, no weather. Damn I hate English sometimes:)

  6. I show my dealings with Warden here in a nice short thread. A few links though.

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