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What Do I Have to Gain?

Believers, ask yourself a single question – what do I, Alex Botten, have to gain from trying to get you to realise that your religious beliefs are wrong headed nonsense?

Is it wealth? Hardly, I don’t make any money off blogging or podcasting, and don’t intend to try to. Do I want to ‘save your soul’? Nope, because you don’t have one. Am I trying to recruit you to a cult or sect? No, not in the slightest.

Personally I gain nothing at all from this, which should speak clearly to you about my motives.

Eric Hovind, on the other hand….

….he’s got a vested interest in getting you to believe nonsense.

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7 thoughts on “What Do I Have to Gain?

  1. BathTub (Nigel McNaughton) on said:

    Very annoying video, seems the only point there was that CSE is a 1 Million a year business. The only surprise to me is that it’s so low. The only interesting number there is that apparently Eric Hovind’s pay is 44,000. I don’t believe it. I find it hard to believe that Paul Taylor would move over from the UK for such a low salary. It may be that’s just his renumeration for being a director and he also draws an employee salary as well.
    Ray Comfort’s family draws at least half a million from living waters.

    • Alex Botten on said:

      Keep in mind that those figures are for 2010, I bet their income has gone up significantly since then

      • BathTub (Nigel McNaughton) on said:

        Here is Ray’s if you want to compare.

        Click to access index.php

        Ray was on 120k+benefits until recently where he took a pay cut to 108k after his ministry contracted from 4Million per year to 2 Million. This was before his change away from Evolution R Dumb, to Abortion is Money! I suspect he’s managed to swing things back a fair bit with that.

  2. I saw a cartoon that explains just what there is to be gained by fighting religion.

    • While that cartoon does depict a reasonable disdain for specific religions it seems to cast a very wide net on something that the cartoonist may not understand in its entirety. He encompasses religion as a whole yet there are religions that accept science and true reason.

      In the end it seemed more like he was pointing towards “holy book” religions rather than religion as a whole. I definitely agree with him on the “holy book” religions but to group them all up is like grouping up all of a specific ethnicity and saying “they all look the same to me”. It’s still a form of ignorance and definitely intolerant, and with ignorance and intolerance you can’t truly have reason. It’s like putting blinders on and saying that you have unfettered perception.

  3. You get the cathartic release of pulling others into your pool of bitterness at life by trying to wreck their faith. 😉

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