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The Video Situation Clarified, as Dan Marvin Seems a Little Confused

Over on his risible blog, Dan has posed the following request –

“let’s hear that case against Sye.”

OK, here you go –

1. Sye agreed to appear on the Fundamentally Flawed Podcast

2. Jim read a set of terms at the beginning of the recording making it clear that we would not give permission for the audio to be edited, used commercially, or uploaded to a Christian channel on Youtube. Jim asked Sye if he understood.

3. Sye explicitly said that he understood the terms.

4. Seemingly perfectly happy with those terms, Sye continued with the debate, only to run away moments later when he realised he might have to actually provide some evidence for the existence of his god, and that his usual blizzard of bullshit wasn’t going to fly.

5. Crown Rights Media then uploaded an edited version of the audio, complete with commercial adverts for Sye’s site and their own company, and minus any attribution onto their Christian channel on Youtube – DIRECTLY contravening the agreement Sye himself had made.

6. That video was pulled down after a successful DMCA claim.

7. Not satisfied Sye then reuploaded the exact same video onto HIS Christian Youtube channel, again containing commercial adverts for both his website and Crown Rights Media, and again failing to correctly attribute the source of the audio.

8. The video was again successfully removed from Youtube.

So, there’s the case. Sye agreed to certain terms enabling him to appear on our podcast, he then broke those terms in every single way possible afterwards, proving that his word is worth nothing and that he has zero integrity or honour.

And yet Dan defends him.

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5 thoughts on “The Video Situation Clarified, as Dan Marvin Seems a Little Confused

  1. Sounds pretty cut and dry if you ask me.

  2. Sye is a jackass, plain and simple.

  3. This is baffling on several different levels, but most of all is this. Dan makes a big deal because taking down the video is preventing Sye from using his own voice. If this was about Sye’s voice he could easily record himself saying the exact same words and there would be know copyright issue. However, we all watched the Youtube video, we all know Sye was not the only one speaking in the video. I mean he’s obviously a liar and he knows that we know it, so why is he still lying?

  4. And yet Dan defends him.

    He does it not because he believes Sye is “in the right”; Dan does it because he knows Sye annoys the people who annoy him.

    Ultimately, the only defense he has against criticism of his world view is to ignore the troublesome questions coming from his critics, and do his best to either shut them up or make them go away.

  5. seems perfectly clear to me unless it was an act of God that broke the agreement without Sye knowing and without proof of God that argument is flawed.

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