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The Perpetually Confused Dan Marvin

“UPDATE: Apparently Skype has fair use policies. So Jim and Alex were wrong, and in violation, to insist they have rights to Sye’s voice as they did. Actually, I believe Jim and Alex was violating Skype policy and should, and could, be banned from Skype. If I was an Atheist I might pursue that type of avenue.”

From here.

Oh dear, poor befuddled Dan STILL doesn’t understand! We at no point said that we had exclusive rights to Sye’s voice! We merely presented clear terms for subsequent use of the recording – namely that it should not be edited, or used for commercial purposes on any Christian channels. If Sye had uploaded the entire unedited show, correctly attributed and without any advertising for his website or Crown Rights Media embedded into the video then we would have had no problem at all. Hell, we’ve not complained about his uploading of complete discussions to his own site, have we?

What we have a problem with is Sye agreeing not to edit the show or use it commercially, and then going and doing exactly the opposite. If this had been the other way round, Dan would be first in line suggesting that his fellow god-botherers lawyer up, but when the shoe is on a fundie foot, he throws common decency to the wind and cheers on his ‘brothers in Christ’ regardless of how wrong they are.

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9 thoughts on “The Perpetually Confused Dan Marvin

  1. This just seems like a child flailing after jumping into the deep end of the pool

  2. Dan’s reasoning is grounded in his feelings on the matter, not the facts. He feels Alex did something wrong so therefore he did in his mind. The facts don’t have anything to do with it when it comes to people that use faith and their epistemological standard.

    • Mex5150 on said:

      I disagree, it isn’t he thinks Alex has done something wrong, it’s he refuses to believe his fellow liar for christ, Sye can ever be in the wrong. Offering evidence to show this isn’t the case is pointless, if he trusted evidence over wishful thinking he wouldn’t be a liar for christ in the first place.

  3. Looks like Sye has entered the fray.

    The thing that Alex and Jim are obviously not getting is that I have my OWN recording (which I can prove as I have elements which they have not uploaded). If they can upload their version, surely I can upload mine

  4. Figured I would post this in both places since we never know how Dynamic DAN is going to act.

    Whether Sye had his own recording or not, Jim and Alex would have had to give him permission to use their voice, and I plainly heard Jim’s voice on the production that was taken down.

    Not to mention to record someone without prior knowledge is illegal in most places also, even if one side is recording, that’s why you can get telemarketers to stop calling by saying “I record all conversations.” at the beginning of the call, all recordings HAVE to be made known prior to the conversation, so sounds like Sye was the next kiddo to jump into the deep end and begin flailing.

  5. Ah, It’s late, but I’ve put the actual podcast link here.

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