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Dan Marvin, Beaten

It’s finally happened, Dan Marvin has tacitly admitted defeat! After a series of comments which he refused to address Dan has gone on a deleting spree, removing my words from his blog with no thought to how incoherent in some cases the comment threads will now appear.

Dan has accused Jim and I erroneously of censorship over the whole Syecular video mess, yet it is he who is actually doing the censoring. Poor Dan, it can’t be fun being wrong constantly and very publicly!

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13 thoughts on “Dan Marvin, Beaten

  1. So in addition to going on a deleting frenzy, which he is within his rights to do even if it doesn’t hep his case at all, he is also making some bullshit claim of owning the copyright on comments.

    Of course that blog does not belong to him, it belongs to Google, and the Google terms of service state all content belongs to the person who originally created them. So blog posts, pictures, comments, etc all still belong to the original creator, and Dan can’t claim ownership of other people’s comments because he doesn’t own the blog space he’s using.

  2. He’s gone proper mad, posting furious incomprehensible idiocy on Jim’s blog, and deleting every word I say! Hilarious!!

    • This is quite the little gem… I had a feeling his blog was not worth reading. Glad he is saving me the trouble! Time to move onto more interesting topics I guess… So that’s 2 people flushed at this point, Dan and Hezekiah, buh bye Guys!

      Duet of Jesters – my new term for them… I wonder if there will be a Trio of Jesters soon.

      • Time to move onto more interesting topics I guess… So that’s 2 people flushed at this point, Dan and Hezekiah, buh bye Guys!

        A number of other fundies have also found their way onto my ignore list. Ray Comfort, Puddlebringer & JD Curtis no longer accept/post comments. I called Diane pathetic, no my time at CARM is limited, too.

        I’m finding it increasingly difficult to discuss theology with fundamentalists.

      • I hear you Whateverman, it’s very difficult to talk to someone that immediately takes offense to you stating you don’t believe the same thing they do.

        Lucky me though, I can always talk about theology with atheists… kind of ironic that atheists are more willing to talk about the different theisms even when the representatives are unwilling to talk about their own beliefs.

      • That should have read “so my time at CARM is limited, too”

  3. “Ray Comfort, Puddlebringer & JD Curtis no longer accept/post comments”

    Add Dustin Segers to that list – had his ass comprehensively handed to him by Dawson Bethrick and subsequently closed comments on his blog. And I guess you could include Blobby Sorensen’s Rhomphaia sockpuppet, now hiding ‘her’ blog behind an ‘invite only’ wall.

    We’re beating these idiots slowly but surely.

  4.      Oh, Alex, for your information, I copied one of your recent comments to Dan’s blog to a comment on my own blog. I felt that it deserved to survive Dan’s deletion. If you disapprove, just let me know and I’ll remove it.

  5. Ray Comfort, Puddlebringer & JD Curtis no longer accept/post comments
    I assume that this is the same JD Curtis I ran into earlier?

    • Correct (re. JD), and I guess you’re right about comments being allowed. He simply wont post comments made by people who disagree with him

      PS. technically, this isn’t entirely true. Gentleskeptic still gets through occasionally, but I haven’t seen anyone else get JD’s seal of approval.

  6. Ok, I was kind of wrong…I was reading an old spat between me and JD and I compared it with what I had posted on the SMRT forums for safekeeping…it looks like JD got rid of a lot of what I had to say.

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