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There’s a Simple Solution

Dan Marvin, commenting over at Jim’s blog

“So why would I, or anyone, want to associate or colaberate [sic] in any way with that complete unrighteousness that goes against my entire belief system?”

I dunno, Dan, why would you? Why would you not only not seek to avoid such situations, but actively encourage them by naming your blog ‘Debunking Atheists’ and regularly attacking those who don’t accept your insane delusions?

It’s a mystery.


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6 thoughts on “There’s a Simple Solution

  1. Dan’s got no aversion to dishonesty, so claiming a specific action is against his entire belief system wouldn’t seem to preclude him from engaging in it.

    Unless, of course, his belief system values dishonesty.

    • @Whateverman

      If a person is incapable of telling a truth, honesty would be unrighteous against his beliefs. So why wouldn’t the concept of giving a production away for free and requiring everyone agree to the same giving nature be against his belief system?

      No wonder he feels icky, he probably slaps babies too.

      • I think that’s a good question. The one caveat I’d add (because fairness is something valued in my world view) is that we may not understand Dan’s world view sufficiently.

        In fact, given his unwillingness to describe it, all we can do, as humble purveyors of his blog, is try to understand that world view based on his online behavior.

        Which of course leads us to believe that giving away someone else’s production, and refusing to live up to one’s promises, should be perfectly in-line with Dan’s values.

        Of course he’s going to defend Sye.

      • fairness is an amazing thing… to bad we end up getting the short end of the stick usually when giving someone that acts like Dan the benefit of the doubt.

  2. For those who are sick of the kind of xians that Sye, Dustin, Dan, etc. represent, here’s some good news.

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