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Sye Ten Bruggencate and Honour are Strangers it Seems

Last month you’ll remember Circular Sye, bullshitter in chief of Sinner Ministries (a ministry which he now seems to be winding down, preferring his Jesus-works to be done under his own name), and owner of the hilariously mis-nomered ‘Proof That God’ (a site the provides precisely zero ‘proof’ of the existence of anything beyond a laughable ‘god exists because he exists’) and his new pals Crown Rights Media (hawkers of a particularly ‘charming’ t-shirt that proclaim ‘Every Knee’, a phrase that sounds rather fascist to me) using audio from an episode of Fundamentally Flawed without permission, or attribution, and in direct contradiction to the verbal agreement he’d made when the podcast started.

Just to remind you of the agreement, Jim read a statement at the start of the show saying that he didn’t give permission for any of the podcast to be used for financial gain by any religious group. Sye agreed with this, yet went ahead and was complicit in the production of a video for Crown Rights Media that not only used the audio without attribution, but edited it to remove the moment when Sye made the agreement and add in visual adverts for Sye’s website and Crown Rights Media.

So I did what any right minded individual would do, and filed a copyright infringement claim on Youtube, who agreed with my take on the situation and pulled the video.

But what’s this?

Yup, it’s the same video, re-uploaded by Sye!

Now, I’m not particularly bothered that people are hearing this, in fact I want as many people as possible to hear Sye running away when faced with the prospect of having to supply objective, verifiable evidence for the existence of his god. I find it rather brilliant that he claims on his website that he can prove that his got exists but literally runs away when challenged to do just that. The two things I object to are the editing of the video to remove the section where he agreed not to use the audio for profit, and the insertion of adverts for his site and Crown Rights Media.

Needless to say another DMCA complaint has been filed with Youtube.

What should bother Sye more though is the fact that he’s doing EXACTLY what he stated he understood was NOT to be done. Surely things such as honour and honesty should mean more to someone who professes himself a Christian? He thinks he’s going to be judged by his god, does he also think that his god would think this kind of behaviour was a-ok? I thought Christians held themselves to a higher standard.

If for any reason the video ends up remaining on Youtube, I hope that it will stand as a glaring reminder to anyone who thinks talking to Sye Ten Bruggencate is a good idea that the man cannot be trusted….something which could harm him more in the long term than simply taking a video offline.

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7 thoughts on “Sye Ten Bruggencate and Honour are Strangers it Seems

  1.      It looks like you may need to file a copyright infringement claim in court. I don’t know if he actually has any money. But he needs to get an introduction to copyright law.
         “He thinks he’s going to be judged by his god, does he also think that his god would think this kind of behaviour was a-ok?”
         Well, we are talking about a god who ordered (accorting to the legends) everyone living in some regions to be slaughtered mercilessly, man, woman, child, infant, and suckling. Clearly, nothing done to the detriment of an outsider is considered wrong.

  2. ask him to pray for god to represent him in court, if all prayers are answered……….

  3. Wow… just fucking wow… how stupid can he be?

  4. @Alex you may be interested in a little psychological experiment that I performed with Hezekiah,

    It was amazing at how easily it worked.

  5. Reminds me of this cartoon here.

  6. Well, here’s another example of a lack of honour among evangelists.

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