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Bob Sorensen Tries to Again Claim that He Didn’t Write About Me

…and then lies a load, and does a tremendously bad english ‘accent’.

Have a listen to the whining prickbag here

Here’s the short version: 00 Whiny Blob Sorensen.mp3

Listening to Matt Slick and Bob talking to each other is like listening to two halfwits awkwardly chatting on a first date.

Sye, Not Logical

EDIT: In response to $ye whining that I’ve ‘breached copyright’ by using this publicly available photograph from Facebook I have two words – ‘fair use’.

EDIT 2: In the spirit of $ye’s attempted defense of his copyright infringing use of audio from the Fundamentally Flawed podcast I will also say this – $ye, this ISN’T your photo, it’s the recording of your photo I made from my computer screen, so (according to your own argument) I can do with it as I please!



“Also, Sye had nothing to do with the
promotion or creation of that video. It
was all me. If you want to address
anyone, address me. He didn’t even
know about it until it was made and I
posted it for him to see. Also might I add, I didn’t even make the video. A
friend of my ministry did.”

That’s a comment from a Crown Rights drone about the video (you know the one). I find this to be so funny it needs reposting, as the Christ pal basically stumbles through ‘$ye didn’t make the video, I did…and even I didn’t make it, someone else did!’

Comedy gold!

Edit: notice as well that he refers to Crown Rights as his ‘ministry’! OOPS!

Marcus Pittman Gets It Wrong

Over on his Facebook page, Marcus ‘Crown Rights’ Pittman has posted the following –

“The DVD the Atheist’s don’t want you to watch!” has a nice ring to it. What do you say Sye TenBruggencate?

Marcus, you’ve got it DEAD WRONG! I want EVERYONE IN THE WORLD to see your video, I just don’t want any audio or video that features me to be included, and as the Fundamentally Flawed podcasts are all Creative Commons 3.0 (no derivatives, no commercial) the law basically says you can’t use our recordings.

But other than that I’m more than happy for people to see your video, as the more people who see $ye’s ‘argument’ the more just how utterly flawed and wrong headed it is will get out. You see, Marcus, $ye’s particular brand of presubullshit only works on others who already believe he’s right, so it’s entirely rotten as an apologetic and useless as a preaching tool, and every rational mind that is exposed to it INSTANTLY sees that it’s bullshit. So, Christians, buy this DVD, heck, buy two and give one to a friend, the sooner you do the sooner we can be rid of $ye-entology for ever.

Is It Wrong That I LOL’d?

Bride of Christ” ….fnar.

EDIT: I can only apologise for the nightmares this may give you….

More Bitter Ranting From Bob Sorensen

Yet another miserable little dribble of self righteous idiocy has made its way out of Bob ‘Stormbringer’ Sorensen’s grief-ducts and splashed its sorry way onto his keyboard.

In it he indulges in his usual projection and accuses atheists (or ‘misotheists’ as he’s taken to calling us, ‘god haters’….which is weird, considering we don’t believe in god. In fact I’d go as far as saying that being a ‘misotheist’ and an ‘atheist’ are mutually exclusive) of numerous things he himself does daily, pauses to have a go at me for commenting about one of Joe Cienkowski’s poorly written pamphlets on Amazon (apparently I’m not permitted to write a review of Joe’s work without having read it, but it’s fine for Bob to pass judgement on something he hasn’t read and then spew that ‘opinion’ out of his blubbering tearful cry-hole in the direction of the Christian Post), before boasting that he did a drive by commenting on another blog and even relaying that he didn’t have the courage to return to see what the responses were.

The most interesting line, to me anyway, is a short one –

‘The ones who cry about slander and libel (read: telling the truth about them)….’

Considering that I have made it very clear that Bob has directly libeled me, I can’t imagine the above is aimed at anyone else. So, once again, I challenge Bob to present his evidence for the claims he has made about me in the past, namely that –

  • I am an alcoholic
  • I am homeless
  • I am jobless
  • I live in my car
  • I am violent and a danger to others

I’ve asked him a couple of times to back up these claims, but he becomes mysteriously silent, alternating between claiming that he’s not identified me directly, and identifying me directly via comments on Dan Marvin’s blog. He never does, because he’s a craven coward.

Oh, and have I had any response to my open challenge to Bob? Have I fuck!

Youtube Got it Wrong

Despite the fact that the audio was clearly taken from an episode of Fundamentally Flawed, and despite being told that the use of this audio was not authorised, Youtube have reinstated $ye Ten Bruggencate/Crown Rights Media’s edited and commercialised version of the show where $ye ran away.

Whether the video is up or not is irrelevant, and the fact that we would have had to have gotten a court order to keep it down after $ye lied to Youtube that the audio had been ‘misidentified’ also indicates how weighted against us the whole episode was. Unfortunately, unlike $ye, we don’t have access to the funds of fundamentalist Christians to help us out financially. The bottom line is the audio was used without permission or attribution, as well as being commercialised and edited contrary to the very terms $ye had agreed to at the start of the show.

I’m glad to see that the comments on $ye’s posting of the video are now starting to head in the ‘you’re a dishonest dickbag!’ direction, which is as things should be.

Guest Post

Dave Young, a fellow non-believer, has kindly transcribed the episode of Fundamentally Flawed that $ye has chopped up –

In the interest of fairness, balance and saving Sye’s immortal soul from the hellfire of eternal damnation for ignoring God’s commandment to not bear false witness – that means lying, Sye – the transcript of the podcast this edited excerpt is taken from is as follows:

00:00 – (Title Music)

00:13 – Jim: Well I just want to make it absolutely clear that the only reason I’ve agreed to do this is because last time we spoke via e-mail you said you would be in touch when you had some objectively valid evidence for the basic existence of Yahweh. So, have you actually got that?

00:28 – Sye: Well the thing is, you understand that…

00:31 – Jim: …its a yes or no question, Sye.

00:33 – Sye: I’ve had it from the beginning.

00:35 – Jim: Ok. Well let me just..I’ve got some things I want to say first otherwise this isn’t going to happen. I do not give my consent for any part of this debate to be used for commercial purposes either by Sye Tenbruggencate, Eric Hovind or any third party associated with any religious ministry of any kind whatsoever. This includes the use in YouTube videos which may be part of a Google ad sharing revenue scheme. Do you understand what I’ve said so far, yes or no?

01:01 – Sye: I understand what you’ve said.

01:03 – Jim: The second reason I’ve agreed to do this is that when we spoke last time you said that you would be presenting some objectively valid evidence for the basic existence of Yahweh. Do you plan on doing that in this particular conversation?

01:13 – Sye: Well that depends on your view of evidence but sure, I’ll do that according to my worldview. Whether you accept it or not, I mean, that’s what’s going to be up for debate.

01:21 – Alex: Ok. Right, well, I think those two little bits at the beginning actually seem to make quite a good introduction to the podcast altogether anyway, so I’ll introduce everybody, obviously myself here, you’re listening to Fundamentally Flawed, obviously anybody who’s listening knows that because they’ve downloaded it. Slightly redundant intro from me but myself, Alex Botton, Jim is here, hello Jim.

01:44 – Jim: Hi.

01:45 – Alex: Kat is listening in but possibly may jump in, may not. Kat’s my wife, you’ve not met Kat before, Sye. And we’re joined by Sye Tenbruggencate who is….

01:57 – Jim: …on the explicit understanding that if he intends to use the same arguments that he used before this podcast will be over before it’s even begun.

02:03 – Sye: Well then it’s over right now, Jim. It was nice talking to you.

02:05 – Jim: See you later then, Sye. Bye.

02:06 – Sye: See you later, Jim.

02:08 – Jim: And that was another episode of Fundamentally Flawed in the can.

02:11 – Alex: That was a very short one. I was hoping that there’d be a bit more argument there, Sye. He’s gone.

(At this point the conversation continues for another few minutes but as Sye had already hung up and played no further part there is no need to continue the transcript)

Obviously Sye’s 33 second version has been heavily edited before being posted to his YouTube account. Curiously, he has edited out the specific objection to any part of the debate being used for commercial purposes which is interesting because the version he has posted has been,

“used for commercial purposes [either] by Sye Tenbruggencate”

and has also been,

“[used for commercial purposes by a] third party associated with any religious ministry of any kind whatsoever”

Congratulations, Sye, you’ve successfully overturned the DMCA takedown notice. Now if only there was a way to overturn the fact that your a liar and a cheat who’s sole motivation is how much money he can make from the innocent people who haven’t yet worked out how your cheap little scam works.


The full and unedited podcast can be found at: cast-insta-bail-aka-bye-bye-sye/#more-1083

Anyone who is considering purchasing Sye Tenbruggencate’s “merchandise” may want to think about making a donation to UNICEF instead. Given the choice of helping a starving child or sending money to a dishonest, middle aged Canadian I think it’s pretty clear which option Jesus would approve of……

Looks Like That Video Sye Posted Isn’t Returning….

It’s been well over 10 days since the day Sye contested the take down of the copyright infringing video he’d posted, and it hasn’t reappeared.


An Open Challenge To Bob Sorensen

Bob, you repeatedly accuse myself and other atheists of displaying ‘horrible logic’ and being ‘stupefied by hate’, and you claim that your Creationist views are good science whilst those who accept the facts of evolution are wishful thinking.

So, put your money where your mouth is. I challenge you to Skype into a discussion with myself and Jim Gardner (and any other the other Fundie Flawed team that want to join in) to discuss your Creationist views. You will be heard by a rather large number of people, and we will do our best to publicise the whole thing. You can even bring another Christian along if you don’t want to appear on your own.

Over the last year you have sniped and griped at me, often writing the most obscenely offensive lies whilst denying me a right of reply by failing to switch on comments on your blog. I suggest we get this over and done with, talk it through like two men and then move on.

Man enough for it?

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