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It’s Got The Body of a Spider, But the Brain of a Baby

In the very first episode of the classic Irish comedy, Father Ted, the titular Ted has to break out ‘the diagram’ to remind his fellow priest Father Dougal the difference between ‘reality’ and ‘dreams’. I was reminded of this last night, when speaking to Nide – a poor chap who seems to have the same problem as Dougal.
Channel 4 have prevented embedding of the relevant clip, so you’ll have to go over to Youtube to see it, but here’s the shot, captured in still form –

Perhaps Nide should print a copy out?

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8 thoughts on “It’s Got The Body of a Spider, But the Brain of a Baby

  1.      Perhaps Hezekiah is afflicted with the situation that Father Dougal had when the others were indisposed and he was left alone to talk to the reporters. He reversed the diagram.

  2. Alex, I am part way into episode 47 and I must say that I will never think of the state of Florida in the same way ever again:)

  3.      I think you’ll like the “do you believe in an afterlife?” clip. I remember I borrowed a dvd of part of the first season from the library once. It was several years back. (I don’t even remember the third priest’s name, the one who supplies the wax for their candles.) But they were funny.

  4. If you guys think that was brainless, get a load of this.

    I like comment 12:
    Check out their web site for other jobs. They want a non-salaried CPA-level accountant to run the books for over 250 missionary. I wonder how I can sign up for such a sweet job.

  5. Every time I come to this post I can’t help but laugh.

  6. Uhm… not sure if I’m the only one getting this… I think I have validated the situation via 2 different IP addresses that I have access to… but I think I broke Hezekiah today… his blog is now nowhere to be found except via the way back machine website… if even there… can I get validation on this?

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