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More Astounding Idiocy from Nide/Richard/Trinity

Nide aka Richard aka Trinity aka Hezekiah Ahaz has posted ‘Ten Extremely Hard Questions for ‘Atheists” over on his risible blog. Here they are, along with my answers…..

1. How do you know you’re real?

I think, therefore I am.

2. How do you know your imagination is not real?

My imagination IS real – the things I imagine, on the other hand, can be a mixture of that which I’ve experienced and that which my brain can invent.

3. Does your imagination exist or is it real?

Of course my imagination exists.

4. How do you distinguish between what’s real and imaginary?

As a general rule of thumb if it only exists inside your head it is probably imaginary.

5. When you claim that God is imaginary, how do you know what you claim to be imaginary is imaginary?

That’s just gibberish.

EDIT: It’s been pointed out on both Nide’s blog, and in the comments here, that this isn’t actually gibberish, and a re-reading of the question shows that is indeed the case. I hastily replied from a skim reading of the question. What I saw as typical Nide nonsense is actually a question that can be answered.

Let’s try again –

“5. When you claim that God is imaginary, how do you know what you claim to be imagining is imaginary?”

Because there is nothing in reality that matches what I’m imagining. When I imagine a guitar I am basing the mental model I’m making on something I have experienced, something that exists in reality. When I imagine a god I have literally nothing in reality to compare that against. There is no evidence that gods exist, I have never seen on, nor has anyone alive.

6. Since you claim that Christians are imagining things, how is it then that we are not imagining you?

Do you think you’re imagining me? One way to check would be to ask other people who post on your blog whether they can read my replies or not. If they can read my replies then you can be sure you are not imagining me.

7. When you claim that the bible is false, how do you know that’s not Satan tricking you?
if you say that Satan doesn’t exist, how do you know Satan didn’t trick you into believing he doesn’t exist?

I can compare reality against what the Bible claims, and can provide evidence that the Bible is wrong about a great many things. I know ‘satan’ is not tricking me, because ‘satan’, like your god, does not exist.

8. Is everything that exist real? if not, how do you know you are real? if yes, is your imagination also real?

You’ve already asked this, and it’s already been answered.

9. When you claim you have “no God belief” all you are telling us is what it’s not but we want to know what exactly it is?

You know how you feel when thinking about your lack of belief in Father Christmas? That how I feel about your god.

10. What’s wrong with God sending sinners to hell?

If ‘mere men’ can see the injustice in an infinite punishment for finite wrong doing, then your god has a lot of problems.

Nide seems to genuinely think these are ‘extremely hard’ questions, yet they took less than two minutes to answer. Truly the delusion is strong with this one.

ADDENDUM: Nide has responded to my answers in a post titled ‘Alex’s Epic Failure’, you can read why he feels I have ‘epically failed’ here.

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18 thoughts on “More Astounding Idiocy from Nide/Richard/Trinity

  1.      Question #5 is convoluted. But it is not gibberish. As I do not care for curt dismissals from any side, I shall try to clarify the question as I read it.

    There are ideas that you regard as imaginary — existing only in someone’s mind and having no examples in the physical world.
    The question asks how you know these ideas are not representative of objects or beings in the physical world, how you come to the judgement.

  2. Mex5150 on said:

    Before the PodCast, from his posts I had always assumed the Trinity was struggling to learn the English language and that was why they were always so garbled, it turns out his linguistic ability is fine, it’s his ability to grasp basic concepts that is at fault.

    On a side issue, I am always greatly amused by these ‘list of X really difficult questions for Atheists’ type things, because the *NEVER* pose anything that is even remotely difficult to answer.

  3. Derik who runs the blog and I had some fun answering Nide’s list on a pod cast he was recording. I hope Derik gets it posted soon.

  4. I will do so. He told me he hopes to have it up tomorrow, however it was the first time we have tried to do this and he may run into further technical difficulties with the audio file. By the way now that I have skype working reliably when will you have me on fundamentally flawed?

    • Alex Botten on said:

      You can come on the show whenever you like! This Friday?

      • I would love to, however the fact that we are 8 hours apart and that I have to work that day may conspire to prevent me again, I’ll see if I can take the day off however. What time GMT where you planning on anyway?

  5. These are just terrible questions. So, they presume atheists can not answer them. Ok. Then what makes them think that they can answer them any better from their dogmatic viewpoint? Some of the questions are total gibberish, and poor attempts at playing a philosophical sage of Kantsian proportions, but they end up sounding like a Philosophy student who gets a D in his/her exam. So questions such as “how do you know you are real?” both atheists and theists would struggle to answer this question with 100% authority. So the questions really are moot.

    Why will they never answer questions about their beliefs?!?! Why do they assume superiority because they get their “answers” (more interpretations) from a Holy book? So frustrating.

  6. @Michael

    spot on… Some of the questions are merely restatings of the same question over again and one was not really directed at atheists at all. So Derik and I concluded that there were really only 7 or so questions and none of them were difficult.

  7.      “I think you’re crediting Nide with more intelligence than he displays.”
         I’m not vouching for him understanding any of the questions. I’m just saying it is not gibberish. (He may have gotten a list from someplace else.)

    • Hezekiah Ahaz on said:


      ummmm. No, didn’t. Those are mine Pv allllll mine!!!!!! Are you really gonna let Alex bully you around? The herd mentality.

      After Alex’s epic failure, I would not be calling anybody stupid.

      I love Justin’s arrogant comment.

      It’s so hilarious how all the “atheist” wanna have their say but why don’t I see them over on my blog answering the questions?

      Talk is cheap.

  8. Some of them are, aren’t they? And yeah, talk is cheap. Why not try backing up your own beliefs for a change, as someone has already suggested?

  9. Hezekiah Ahaz on said:


    I put up 5 more why don’t you take a shot at them.

  10. Hezekiah:

    nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;I have dealt with you before. I do not vouch for your comprehension.

  11. Hezekiah Ahaz on said:



  12. Speaking of idiocy, check out Hezekiah’s reply to what I said here.

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