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Listening to The Thinking Atheist Podcast (link updated, as The Thinking Atheist appear to have deleted the original page)

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*sigh* Circular Sye is gibbering his usual horse shit (come in around 1 hour for full bore lunacy). Listen to him pull out his entire battery of bullcrap – word games, equivocations, ‘I’m not here to debate….’ dodges when he can’t answer a question, naked assertion after naked assertion, and logical fallacy after logical fallacy (even when claiming only his god can provide a grounding for logic), all delivered in the tone of someone entirely in love with the sound of his own voice.

Very interesting though is, 73 minutes in, Sye gets pushed into discussing the Bible (as he was when I spoke to him here) and falls apart completely. This is exactly what happened when I forced him to discuss an element of the Bible,  and it seems that this is a significant weakness for him.

Listening to people who hadn’t encountered Sye’s gibberish before floundering under his blizzard of idiocy reminded me of Jim and I’s first encounter on the podcast with him, where we could tell something was fundamentally wrong with his argument, but hadn’t yet been able to pinpoint the problem. Paul Baird had a similar problem in his first encounter with Syecular, but (like Jim and I) very quickly got the measure of him and can now swat him away with the minimum of effort.

Towards the end he ‘proves’ that his god exists by merely asserting that he does, showing that he has no evidence whatsoever.

Sye Ten Bruggencate has literally nothing.

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18 thoughts on “Listening to The Thinking Atheist Podcast

  1. Hi Alex, you know I’m kind of on your side. But would it be possible to downplay the swears just to remain on the moral high ground. I know how difficult this is given the people you are dealing with, but it would be ideal! Look forward to listening, I’m plugging my headfones in now.

  2. What I mean is, although what they say is absurd. They are fundamentally uneducated, and, as an example, know nothing of cosmology or geology or evolutionary biology. But the ground is this: the Big Bang theory hinges on rather precarious science. The standard model of hot big-bang cosmology requires initial conditions which are problematic in two ways: (1) The early universe is assumed to be highly homogeneous, in spite of the fact that separated regions were causally disconnected (horizon problem); and (2) the initial value of the Hubble constant must be fine tuned to extraordinary accuracy to produce a universe as flat (i.e., near critical mass density) as the one we see today (flatness problem). Reconciliation of this problem has come through assumptions. So, although I do not prescribe to Biblical creationism in the slightest, (as agnostics/atheists) we need to remain respectful, regardless of the absurdity we feel we face. Much like Biblical creationists who rely on assumptions and blind faith, we to rely on many assumptions in cosmological models. So we still have a lot to do.

    • “we need to remain respectful”

      I absolutely disagree. These people are trying to force views onto those who don’t hold them by trying to influence government policy around the world. At their worst they are complicit in the cover up of abuses, and preach a dominionist message that would allow them to literally destroy the planet. These people deserve no respect at all….in fact I feel we’ve been too nice to them for too long.

      • I’m not saying to be nice, but play it back from someone who is on the fence…they see vitriolic language, and they may side unwittingly with the creationists. So, abuse them and confuse them via scientific method, empirical evidence, logic and wit, but never give them “abusive language” fuel to stoke their fires. (I’m still a fan Alex!)

      • And that is not me saying you don’t use logic and empirical evidence, etc. Using this, and this alone, will destroy the young-Earth creationist theory.

      • Reasonable Sanity on said:

        Right on, Alex! I used to think that we should be polite and courteous and take abuse from theists, because we need to be seen on the higher ground. However, I’ve grown up. While I have had some very pleasant exchanges with theists, the ones that are profiting from deliberately lying, or flat out decide lying is their modus operandi, do not deserve any respect. Especially when they’ve been corrected by fact, and continue spouting their brand of nonsense. You want to be stupid in your church and your home, fine. Try to foist your stupidity upon the public at large, especially when you’re doing it just to feed your ego, and I have no problem calling you out for what you are.

  3. Very interesting though is, 73 minutes in, Sye gets pushed into discussing the Bible (as he was when I spoke to him here) and falls apart completely. This is exactly what happened when I forced him to discuss an element of the Bible, and it seems that this is a significant weakness for him.
    Well, yes – obviously. Presup apologetics has nothing to do with the Bible; it’s rhetoric designed to stop conversation. When you actually ask them about the specifics, they literally fall apart, because they have no answers for the questions they’re asking of us.

    “Truths that we can be sure are absolutely true” are useless if they can’t tell us what those truths are.

    • Absolutely. Sye, for all his claims of having access to ‘absolute truth’ doesn’t seem to know a whole lot. For example, he clearly didn’t know what the inside angles of a triangle must always add up to, and he was all at sea with the question about the Bible talking about ‘hell’.

  4. BathTub (Nigel McNaughton) on said:

    And he gets to do it all over again on the Magic Sandwich Show. Ergh.

  5. Sye doesn’t care about being correct. He wants public exposure to further his career goal of being a professional apologist.

  6. He’s literally a one note riff, eventually everyone will have seen through him…I guess he’ll go back to the car factory then.

    • Yep: Sye’s bag of trick

    • Reasonable Sanity on said:

      Eh, he and Eric will fleece a largely uneducated bunch out of their money. Unfortunately, their target audience aren’t people who will actually research their claims, but will instead take their every word as if it were spoken to them by their god himself. Wanna make a ton of cash tax free? Start a church. Or as L. Ron Hubbard did, start a whole new religion. Prey on people who are hurting and searching for some meaning in their lives, promise them relief, either now or “later”, and they’ll keep writing you checks. It’s all about the money, and god, who is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent can’t seem to handle money very well because he’s always needing it.

  7. Hah. Just because Sye’s got nothing won’t stop him from teaching it to others.

    Note how in Sye`s section it mentions that he gave up using evidential apologetics and instead went to this circular presupper bullshit.

  8. Reasonable Sanity on said:

    I just finished listening to the podcast. While I have many objections to Sye’s claims, the one that has really stood out to me was when he stated that there was nothing we could do to obtain salvation, and that the work of Christ alone is what provides that. When asked if we could pray a “sinner’s prayer” and be saved, he says that no, that isn’t correct, that we must repent. So if we must repent, then he’s contradicting himself. We must do something in order to be saved, e.g. repent. My question at this point would be, “Why would you trust your reasoning at this point, if our reasoning is not trustworthy?” Since we would have to reason that repentence is necessary for salvation, and repentence comes before knowledge, how is it logically possible for one to reason that repentence is necessary?

  9. Just finished listening to episode 44 where it was mentioned that someone had said that “if people evolved from apes, why are there still apes” or something like that. The commentators noted how pathetic that argument was.

    Guess what? That’s what the sign on the Morinville, AB billboard was saying as of yesterday.

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