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Username Irony

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4 thoughts on “Username Irony

  1. I love “Cowboy Bob” and I love that quote. That one is going up on the board.

    “I wanna be a Cowboy baby” ~Kid Rock

  2. Yeah, Stormbringer is another who strives only to annoy people.

  3. I’m not surprised that Dan loves Bob, it seems that Dan will side with anyone, no matter how fucked in the head they are, so long as they claim to follow Jesus.

    • Not necessarily.

      Dan sides with people who have the power to keep Dan’s critics at bay. Anyone who annoys atheists (or anti-theists), or who manages to put one of Dan’s critics on the defensive – there are the people Dan puts up on a pedestal.

      Many people claim to follow Jesus, but Mr. Marvin doesn’t pay them much attention. Only when said people give him the tools to do the job he can’t do himself (re. silencing his critics) will he proclaim their greatness.

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