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Dan Retracts His Apology….

….and fucks up even more in doing so!

Read this, taken from the edited apology post over on Dan’s blog

Update2: It get’s better, now Alex is standing on a Genetic fallacy saying that “transcendental argument” =/= “transcendental reasoning” which it does. His argument is now mere semantics. Hezekiah said “If Alex is honest he will apologize and recant.” I agree.

What Dan is trying to do there is claim that the phrases ‘transcendental reasoning’ and ‘transcendental argument’ are the same thing, and that I’m being churlish pointing out that ‘transcendental reasoning’ didn’t appear on Nide/Richard/HA/Trinity’s blog when we recorded the podcast with him.

So what happens when you google ‘transcendental argument’ on Nide/Richard’s blog?


It wouldn’t have mattered if we’d searched for ‘transcendental argument’ instead of ‘transcendental reasoning’, as the former only appeared on Nide/Richard’s blog yesterday.

So, not only was Nide/Richard wrong about the first phrase appearing on his blog, he was also wrong about his hastily cobbled together escape route. Even better, he continues to lie publicly about the whole thing, insisting that he was right despite the evidence to the contrary being a mere mouse click away!


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2 thoughts on “Dan Retracts His Apology….

  1. Mex5150 on said:

    Sorry, I’m confused, didn’t everybody expect a retraction almost immediately? That is his MO.

  2. Ah, you’ve had experience with him then? I wish I’d bookmarked or otherwise saved all the blog posts where that bastard did that.

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