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Creation Today, Frankly Appalling at Geography*

This image, screen grabbed from a Youtube video, shows the exhaustive levels of research Eric ‘Papa! Papa! Why are you in jail? Oh, that’s right, you’re a criminal!’ Hovind’s bullshit peddling Creation Today organisation puts into its products.
Anyone with a working knowledge of UK geography (or even access to Google) will instantly be able to spot the problem

I’m guessing the pigshit ignorant thickos who buy this kind of thing wont have noticed the glaring error either.

*along with everything else they write, talk, or even think, about.

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15 thoughts on “Creation Today, Frankly Appalling at Geography*

  1. Stuart Sorensen on said:

    That took all of half a second to spot. A distinct lack of credibility took hold within the other half of the same second.


  2. Amazing, isn’t it? It does nothing but make those responsible for making the video look like idiots. I wonder if Eric Hovind will blame the graphics company, like he did the time he claimed that the water runs through the Grand Canyon in the opposite direction to reality?

  3.      Well, no, although I have access to Google, I don’t instantly see the problem. My best guess is that he’s supposed to be standing out in the middle of the ocean. In my case, I know that I don’t see the problem because I don’t know what I’m looking for.

  4. To ignorant Americans (that is, the primary demographic of Hovind) “England” is a big island full of tea, Big Ben, a queen, and guards that don’t move no matter what you do to distract them. That’s why the background had Big Ben. I’m half surprised they didn’t have a guy with bad teeth drinking tea as their correspondent (though to be fair, they might have – I’m not watching the video to find out)

  5. Okay, Alex. You’re going to have to help me out here. I was under the impression that England was the name of a country and that London was the capitol city thereof. Perhaps I am simlarly confused when I think that Paris is in France or that (contemporary) Rome is in Italy.

  6.      Okay, I would not have gotten that because I was thinking they were saying that was the guy’s name. In my perspective, it was not at all obvious. Something you took for granted was simply outside my experience.

    • Reasonable Sanity on said:

      I didn’t get it either. I face-palmed when Alex said Milton Keynes was a place. Looking at the other frame, it clearly said, “Pensacola, Florida”. For whatever reason, I presumed Milton Keynes was the fellow’s name instead of the area he was from. Sorry Paul, I just haven’t been around enough to know your picture when I see it! However, I should have been able to deduce that it was a location, since I immediately recognized Pensacola, Florida as a location, and not a name.

  7. For a laugh, get a load of how a xian fundy treats one of his own who’s having doubts…

    Note where this person’s priority is.

  8. Er, nuts. That was kind of the wrong place for that link and post; This is the link I should have put here: A complete breakdown of Creation Ministries International’s 101 evidences for a young age of the Earth and the universe

    You’ll get a kick out of point #73.

  9. In truth, I suspect that they had the London background there just to emphasize the fact that Paul’s from England. They may not have had the graphics for his hometown? It looks like something a generic news studio would have.

    Just guessing here, because I can’t see those guys as being that stupid.

    • freddies_dead on said:

      TBF They could quite easily have had a picture of a concrete wall to represent Milton Keynes or, at the very least they could rustle up a picture from Google.

      And I have to disagree, they really do seem to be that stupid.

  10. And now for an example of creationist dishonesty. I like how anzou, the first commentator calls her out on it.

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