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Richard Corniell aka Nide aka Hezekiah Ahaz aka Trinity, Caught Lying for Jesus

A rather splendid side effect of Dan Marvin’s failed accusation against Paul Baird, Jim Gardner, and myself was Trinity being caught in a barefaced lie. Before he saw the post showing the correct order of events regarding his blog post, he and I had the following exchange in the comments on Dan Marvin’s blog –

Alex B: .... At the time we recorded that phrase did NOT appear on your website!...
Trinity: ....Yes it did.

Richard/Nide has subsequently become VERY quiet. I wonder why?

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7 thoughts on “Richard Corniell aka Nide aka Hezekiah Ahaz aka Trinity, Caught Lying for Jesus

  1. Ydemoc on said:

    Given Dan’s apology, I’m just wondering what he does now about the following, which he addressed to Hezekiah: “Bless you Hezekiah for having the patience to deal with them as they ‘attempted’ to gang up on you.”

    What happens now? Does he take it back? Is that even possible? Does he revise it? Does it even apply anymore? Does he somehow rationalize keeping it the same? Does it even matter? The larger, general question is, according to Christians, what happens to a blessing uttered to or for someone, if it is uttered in error or under false pretenses?

    And if any Christian decides he’d like to provide the answers my questions, please don’t forget to answer one more: How do you know that?


    • Yeah, how is he going to deal with having so recently been a proven liar’s cheerleader?

      • Ydemoc on said:

        Yep. Quite a theistic pickle he’s got himself into. I’m he’ll find a way of imagining his way out of it, though.

        You touched upon something over on Dan’s blog. You wrote to Hezekiah: “Your religion commands that you don’t lie, but I guess that doesn’t matter to you, eh?”

        Nope. It seems not to matter to him at all, probably because he rationalizes away any lies he may tell to non-believers as doing his “Invisible Magic Being’s” work. That’s why it was so easy for Christian’s to kill witches, Calvin to execute Servetus, and Martin Luther write such disgusting things in, ” The Jews and Their Lies.” When one tries to make the arbitrary come true, any despicable action can be justified, arbitrarily.

        Hezekiah wrote to you: “”Something that you simply may be imagining. Now, how is it that you are not?”

        “Am I imagining this [Hezekiah’s Blog], Corniell?”

        Haven’t seen him answer this great question from you, and I’m looking forward to his response and seeing how he wiggles out of this little corner he’s painted himself into (paint supplied by you, of course!).



    Alex next time think before you speak.

    if you are honest not only will you aplogize but you will take this silly post down and put a new one up with the facts.


    Make sure Ydemoc is included.

    • You stated the phrase was there, when we googled it on your site it wasn’t. You then stated that it was there all along, and linked to a post which….didn’t contain it!

      You are a liar for Jesus.

  3. I hate having to jump in here, but you do realize that in your original post, the phrase ‘transcendental reasoning’ isn’t used, right?

    The one that was posted on the 27th, I mean.

    Now, I can remember the podcast clearly. They googled the phrase ‘transcendental reasoning’ while searching only your site. It wasn’t there.

    The only reason it appears now is because of the post you added on the 30th. The phrase was not used before then.

    I think you’re just being silly now for attention, because the only people who seem to read or comment on your blog are the people from here, who only do so because you spew the most entertaining bullshit on a regular basis.

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