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Dan Marvin Apologises!

You can see the post here, but I’ve reproduced it below for posterity –


So here is the background. I listened to the podcast being discussed, I looked up on Google what was being argued extensively, saw it was there, and pounced on the Atheists like a cheetah on a bunny. Unfortunately, this bunny was a fuzzy Velociraptor.

The gory details can be found on Alex’s blog and in my comments on my last post.

I said some very snarky comments that I am too ashamed to repeat here, but are public record. Alex demanded I do a separate apology post since that is what I demanded from them, I offered cookies and even naming my next child after him instead.  Paul opted for the cookies, so I thought I had an out, but Alex declined both. So this is what I demanded from them for deflecting the conversation by claiming the quote doesn’t exist. The quote didn’t exist when they were discussing it and showed up the next day. I apologize to the three of you and retract every harsh comment I said about it. So,… this time,

the Atheists were right!

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3 thoughts on “Dan Marvin Apologises!

  1. Something to note: Everytime Marvin apologizes, he takes it back damn near right away, if I remember correctly.

  2.      Hey, you wouldn’t expect him to meet the same standard he expects for non-christians, would you?

  3. I daresay that it looks like Dustin Segers needs to apologize…look at the constant slams he takes at atheists at the Reason Rally, but as usual, no comments are allowed on his blog so we can defend ourselves.

    Cowardly git.

    At least Bahnsen Burner is having a go at him.

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