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Cause and Effect, Not Understood by Dan Marvin

Read this accusation from Dan Marvin –

I Googled: transcendental reasoning
and got exactly the thing Alex, Jim, and Paul was deflecting with by claiming the quote doesn't exist. Now, all three of you owe Hezekiah an apology on air or titled in your website retracting your accusations because Hezekiah was speaking the truth and you three were not or forever be considered intellectually dishonest. I will be more then happy to repost the conversation pointing all of this out and post it for months so at least the word gets out that Fundamentally Flawed is Fundamentally Flawed Indeed. Oh wait, we have. ( So we would have to get creative to market it properly. That will not be a problem.
Bless you Hezekiah for having the patience to deal with them as they "attempted" to gang up on you. You three should feel shame, but probably don't.

Basically Dan is accusing Jim, Paul, and I of lying about the google search “transcendental reasoning” bringing up no results when we were recording the podcast, and then goes on to say he’ll ‘post it [the accusation] for months’ if we don’t apologise to Nide/Richard/Hezekiah/Trinity.

Unfortunately Dan has tied his flag to the wrong mast.

The result that Dan gets when he does that search leads to this page

Note the date it was posted, March 31st. So when was the podcast recorded? Have a look at this screen shot from iTunes (click to enlarge)-

Yup, on the iTunes site it clearly shows the podcast was released on the 30th of March, the day before Richard/Nide/HA/Trinity posted his article.

Oh dear.

Now, Dan, you owe all three of us an apology (on air, if you find the courage to appear on the show, or titled in your website retracting your accusation) because you didn’t bother to check if Trinity was telling the truth, and you don’t want to forever be considered intellectually dishonest, do you? I will be more then happy to repost this blog entry,  pointing all of this out and post it for months so at least the word gets out that Dan Marvin is fundamentally confused about which order cause and effect takes place in.



Looks like Dan has realised his error

Oops it looks like it is I who owes the appology. I totally missed that one. I did not look at the date until just now. My knee jerk reaction was just me being a jerk. I hats to be wrong g. In this case I was. Please accept my humble apologies. Gulp...I was pretty ugly about it too. Thanks for being gentle in telling me of my obvoius flawed accusation. Did I get all the egg off my face? Because I still smell it. Ouch!


Now now, Dan, you demanded a blog post apologising, so it’s only fair that you don’t hide this in the comments hoping it all goes away! I look forward to reading your blog post apologising to Jim, Paul and I.

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16 thoughts on “Cause and Effect, Not Understood by Dan Marvin

  1. Wahoo, a public display of my obvious failure! Thanks for revealing my lack. I deserved it.

  2. Dan, it just goes to show that some of your fellow ‘christians’ shouldn’t automatically be defended just because of what they claim to believe.

    How do you feel seeing HA/Nide/Richard/Trinity telling a barefaced lie on your blog?

  3. And you’re right, please accept my appologies for my horrible mistake and my ugliness to all three of you. I should make you all cookies or something.

  4. Blog post, Dan. Get on with it.

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  6. Paul Baird on said:

    Hey Dan – you could publish an apology on the Sinner Ministries Facebook page. I’d accept that.

  7. Dan, you seem not to have written a blog post or posted on the Sinner Ministries Facebook page…if things were the other way around you’d be loudly, and self-righteously demanding an apology in public! Come on, Dan, get it sorted! You don’t want to appear as a hypocrit, do you?

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  10. Johna127 on said:

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