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Joe Cienkowski Wants You to Not Vote for Obama

From his website


The security of our country could at stake. The author researched and double checked the facts and has given this President a proper vetting. Our President has a radical past with a radical agenda, and is pulling the wool over America's eyes. See who the President really is. If we had known then what we know now, we wouldn't have voted him in the first time. See the results of the vetting which are 100 reasons not to vote for Barack Obama!


Yes! listen up bozos! The security of your country ‘could at stake’! The author has ‘double checked the facts’, please allow ‘2-4 weeks deliver’! Order your copy of ‘100 Reasons NOT to vote Barack Obama 4’ TODAY!

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One thought on “Joe Cienkowski Wants You to Not Vote for Obama

  1. Mex5150 on said:

    From the same page:
    “Many have recognized atheism is a religious view, as you are dealing with God, even if in the negative.”
    So does that mean he thinks Buddhism is *NOT* a religion then?

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