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A Challenge to Nide aka Hezekiah Ahaz

Nide, you repeatedly claim that you are able to show atheists to be absurd. I challenge you to skype into Fundamentally Flawed and debate your presup beliefs.

If your argument is as good as you clearly think it is you should have no trouble reducing me to a gibbering idiot, and you’ll be able to show how amazing your god is in front of a potential audience of around 100,000.

Add theealex on skype and tell me when you’ll be able to appear.

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8 thoughts on “A Challenge to Nide aka Hezekiah Ahaz

  1. Ydemoc on said:


    On his blog, Trinity writes: “A prerequisite for debate is that one be honest. I’m finding it hard to believe you are.”

    Yet he finds it quite easy to believe in a 2000+ year-old Storybook, which contains such evidence-lacking notions as a Chit-Chatty Snake, a Conversational Donkey, and City-Strolling Corpses!

    Why doesn’t he just take your honesty on faith? After all, that’s how he claims to know everything else.

    This brings up an interesting question: How do those like Trinity account for doubt? Is it through faith?

    How absurd.


  2. reynoldhall on said:

    Off topic, but guess who PZ Myers apperantly ran into at the reason rally?

  3. Ydemoc on said:

    Trinity’s discusses the podcast challenge in his most recent post over on his blog. This guy is too much:

    “I have a hard time believing Alex is honest. I’ll consider his challenge if he can show me otherwise.”

    See above. Also, all Trinity has to do is to show that a Conversational Donkey, a Chit-Chatty Snake, City-Strolling Corpses and other similarly absurd Storybook notions are, indeed, facts and not merely figments of mystic imagination; and that the axioms and the Primacy of Existence do not obtain, but the Primacy of Consciousness does. If he were able to do this (without “imagining in a vicious circle,” of course) he really wouldn’t have to worry about accepting or not accepting such challenges in the first place.


  4. reynoldhall on said:

    Looks like he’s taking you up on your challenge:

    P.S. On friday, lord willing, I will be calling in to the “fundamentally flawed” podcast. Me and Alex will be discussing the qoute I posted from Van Til’s “why I believe In God”and much more. I’ll keep you posted.

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