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Glenn Munro Replied!

Sadly he didn’t supply any evidence at all to support his claim that gods exist, and that his version of his particular one is the ‘right’ one, preferring instead to post the following ‘poem’ –

“The Atheist”

dedicated to Alex Botten

“There is No God” the atheist cries,
I create my own destiny.

I am the centre of my universe
obeying the law of my fantasy.

“There is no God without” I cry
Only my God within


Why is it that theists resort to this kind of childishness when their backs are against the wall? And as Reynold pointed out in the comments, the second pair of lines read like Glenn is projecting his own desire for the arbitrary to become real.

Perhaps Glenn will try again, perhaps he’s got some evidence to support his belief in fantasy that he’s just waiting for the right time to reveal. We can live in hope.

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One thought on “Glenn Munro Replied!

  1. “The Religionut”

    Dedicated to religionuts everywhere.

    “There is a God”, the religionut cries,
    “my daddy said, so it must be true”.

    “I’m the centre, a universe made for me”
    “I love and obey the laws of a fantasy”

    “I speak to God fifty times a day”, he says,
    “but I never learn anything new”

    “Homosexuality is a sin!”, he screams,
    “while inking his new tattoo”

    “God is everywhere I look” he cries,
    “but there’s no evidence to show to you”

    “You have to believe, or else”, he grins,
    “My loving God will torture you”

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