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Eric Hovind’s Idiotic Questions.

In a blog post over at the online home of the embarrassingly wrong Creation Today, acting Guff Spewer-in-Chief Eric ‘Son of convicted felon Kent’ Hovind has posted two questions that he feels all atheists must answer. Poor Eric seems to think they are some kind of slam dunk that will leave the non-believer staggering under the might of the Christian’s argumentative powers, when really they’re nothing more than a rehash of Eric’s BFF Circular Sye Ten Bruggencate’s gibberish presubullshit.

Let’s look at the questions, and answer them –

Question #1: Is it possible that the God of the Bible could reveal some things to us in such a way that we can know them for certain?

Ready for my answer, Eric? Here you go  –


It is not possible that the god the the Bible could reveal some things to us in such a way that we can know them for certain. Why? Well, firstly the god of the Bible is (as Eric states in the article) ‘omnipotent and omniscient’, and such a being is logically impossible – if it is omniscient it knows everything, if it is omnipotent it is all powerful, and these two features are mutually exclusive….if you are all knowing you know what you will do next, meaning you cannot change your mind, preventing you from being omnipotent, and if you’re all powerful then you cannot be all knowing, because you have to have the power to alter your plans. Simply, the god of the Bible, as described by Eric, cannot exist, it is a logical impossibility.

On top of that, the ONLY way you could be absolutely certain that this being (if it somehow existed) was revealing the truth to you would be if you were omniscient yourself, and could check the validity of its statement. Again put simply, you’d need to be a god yourself, at least equal to YHWH in power to be able to know for certain that you’d been told the truth. If you’re not omniscient then you are merely taking a naked assertion from a being that claims to be a god on faith. Listen to the last five minutes of this Fundamentally Flawed podcast where Circular Sye admitted that he would take this revelation on faith alone.

So how well does the second question fare?

Question #2: How do you know anything for certain?

Oh dear. What is it with Christian’s and their desire to know things ‘for certain’? OK, well, I DO know at least one thing for certain – I am thinking. This is self evident, and true whether the reality I perceive is real or merely a simulation. I also know that, to be able to think at all, I must first exist, so I can be sure of that as well. Recognising the correct relationship between consciousness and existence comes next, and that leads me with no argument to accepting the Primacy of Existence….and from there I’ve got a very good foundation for building knowledge about the Universe I find myself in, one that doesn’t need a god at all.

So, there we have it. I’ve answered both those questions without having to appeal to a magical invisible sky man, how did Eric manage?

The Christ follower has an avenue to truth; the unbeliever’s own logic cannot account for knowledge. You either have to know everything to know anything, or you have to know someone who knows everything to know something! Think about that!

As I’ve said before, oh dear.


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15 thoughts on “Eric Hovind’s Idiotic Questions.

  1. still? what a fucking broken record that idiot is.

  2. The jump from “how do you know anything ‘for certain'” to “my God whos is called Yahweh, who has a son – who is also him – called Jesus Christ exists and speaks to me every day but I have bugger all evidence for this but I still believe he created the universe and everything else” is pretty spectacular.

    The Hovinds, it seems to me, have some minor difficulties with truth and reason. Maybe it’s genetic…

    … which would be hilarious since it would mean their God made them that way.

  3. He has rather moved from expounding the faith of his father to the faith of Sye Tenbruggencate.

    • Alex Botten on said:

      Indeed. It seems that Eric and Dickhead Dan are deeply in love with Sycular’s ‘argument’, despite it being dead in the water.

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  5. The gobley gook garbage displayed in your writings here are similar to the erroneous teachings of the qaran.

  6. So Christianity is a religion, you have to believe in it.

    You believe you came from a rock, the only difference between Evolution and Christianity is the fact that Evolution is a stupid religion and Christianity is not.

  7. Kervin on said:

    I’m afraid that your logistical powers are not enough to get rid of God. Whatever you think means nothing. I know God and He knows me. You hate to think that God exsists because you have sin in your life and don’t want to be countable for it.

    • Alex Botten on said:

      Nope, I am entirely free of the imaginary crime of ‘sin’! Eric Hovind is a cretin, and it would appear that you are too.

  8. JamesC on said:

    So Kervin, since “logic” proves nothing – are you saying your god is illogical? Because that would follow logically if your illogic were actually applied in reality. An illogical god would be chaos – why worship chaos, even if it were deified and made a personal god? No, you believe in a logical god, or think you do, one that makes sense to you and only you because you’ve not thought overly much about it. Logic means being able to show someone else where the evidence leads and for them to be able follow the evidence to a rational conclusion.

  9. SafariDan on said:

    People like Eric Hovind and Sye Ten play games with words and definitions to cause confusion because they have no valid arguments to support their ridiculous fairy tales. Unfortunately they don’t need valid arguments to convince the ignorant, desperate, and gullible.

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