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Creationists, Not Keen on Free Speech

From this day forward this is no longer a debating page. It is a page for discussion about His wonderful Creation between like-minded people. Everyone is of course welcome to come join in, read information posted but if you are an un-believer and you do not wish to be banned then take my words to heart. No debate, if you do not agree then may peace be unto you in you life journey. I hope one day you find the Lord for you better believe He has already found you. Thank you

With those words the ‘New Creation Science Page’ on Facebook has served notice that the moderators will no longer allow debate that doesn’t agree with their Creationist ideals. They follow in the footsteps of other Creationist forums such as Ken Ham’s Facebook page, and Bob Sorensen’s many pages (Bob’s especially paranoid, coding his blog pages so that the text from them can’t be selected or copied without having to go to great lengths to grab Bob’s words from the raw html – seems he doesn’t want people using ‘right click – search in Google’), in shutting down any contrary views.

It is, in my mind, extremely telling that Creationists hold such a weak position that they are unable to deal with anything that might challenge that position. They would rather stay in their little echo chambers, getting agreement from their likeminded Creationist pals than actually have to defend their views. And before Bob starts complaining that he’s been banned from various groups, keep this in mind – he has never been stopped from posting here, he was invited to join the Creationist Discussion Group on Facebook, and was also invited (several times) to appear on Fundamentally Flawed…our position is strong enough to withstand the best arguments  of the best Creationist minds.

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16 thoughts on “Creationists, Not Keen on Free Speech

  1. It’s not strange that they don’t want debate – nobody enjoys losing an argument repeatedly.

    What IS strange is that they insist on clinging to ideas they are unable to defend. You’d think they’d have given up on the idiocy by now.

    That they haven’t given up, I guess, is a testament to the efficacy of the carrot and stick approach of their religion. They’d rather look, act and be stupid than risk eternal torture. Effective! Maybe those bronze age sheep herders did know something about human psychology after all.

    Got to love them creationists.

  2. It’s pretty simple, really – they don’t want to know. It’s a shame because they can’t see that religions and gods didn’t provide the knowledge that we have of the world and the universe today, science did.

    There is a favorite question of creationists: “why is there something instead of nothing?” The answer is: “words that MAKE a question is not a question at all”.

    That’s right, instead of it being a question, it is a statement that the inquisitor knows the answer when he doesn’t.

  3. BathTub on said:

    Stormy blocking right click is hilarious as it’s so trivial to work around, it’s just a great example of how creationists hate people checking up on them.

    • Alex Botten on said:

      Yeah, it’s childishly simple to get around, but it’s a blazing example of how paranoid and controlling Bob is. He doesn’t care that non-believers already know he’s wrong, but he’ll be cold in the grave before he lets a single faith head discover his lies.

  4. I’d love to comment on their Facebook page but it seems I am unable to do it as an atheist. Maybe some one can post agreeing while at the same time make it look ridiculous by being over the top. But I doubt they would notice.

  5. It seems to be not just these guys but that normally respected C. L. Bolt from Choosing Hats. Whenever he starts to lose an argument he replys to a comment and closes the thread off. Or just simply doesn’t approve a post for publishing.

    • Ah! CL Bolt!! He once deleted every single reply of his from this blog is a fit of pique after he was made to look an idiot. The man is a busted flush through and through.

      • He likes to appear learned and rational but uses personal attacks and riducule on peoples ‘understanding’ of what he’s written instead of addressing their points.
        It doesn’t surprise me that he’d delete everything to prevent him looking like a fool.
        He waits for something he can pounce on in a ‘Aha! You’re such an idiot for writing that’ but as soon as someone starts to break apart his points he stops the discussion and either refuses to publish the comment or just closes the thread off – without allowing a response.
        Making it seem as if the person he’s responding to has given up, and therefore trying to make himself seem better than he really is. Rather classic inferiority complex if you ask me.

  6. Well, look what that bastard Rick Warden did on his blog

    Notice the little line at the bottom where it says: “0 comments”? Bullshit! There were dozens of comments there, mine among them! Gone now.

    Clicking on any of the links at the bottom that shows the number of views doesn’t bring up any comments either. Neither does clicking on the “0 comments” link. For all intents and purposes, anyone who’s not posted there before will honestly believe that no one has commented on that slanderous piece of shit article of his.

    Fortunately, I was saving my dialogue with that bastard as I went along. I have an email attachment that I sent off to you Alex. Don’t know if you read the email yet or not, but it’s there if you want evidence of it.

    And in another case of censorship, I actually got a mention in a CMI article. Note however that they let Batten get the last word.

    I made a note of that in this thread where I detail and log the entire series of exchanges between me and CMI’s Don Batten. You can read for yourself if the CMI article in that first link is accurate when they try to portray my views.

  7. The link to the CMI article I mentioned is here

    It is within the first SFN post that I linked to above.

  8. reynoldhall on said:

    Well, it would have been if it showed up…phphph.

    Anyway, here’s the link to the SFN article where I and CMI’s Don Batten have a go at each other. The thread containing that post is the series of letters where Don and I correspond with each other.

    Compare that to the original CMI article in my post here above (and in the SFN link I posted just now) and you’ll see that they only published his first reply to me and let him have the last word, and tried to imply that it’s atheists who are “amoral”.

  9. reynoldhall on said:

    Hmh. Looks like Warden still does allow comments.

    When I was hunting around there earlier, the link was slightly different.

    You’ll notice that the second link has no comments for the same post. Weird.

  10. reynoldhall on said:

    Oh good grief. Look at what Warden is posting now.

  11. reynoldhall on said:

    Yeah, he is. He’s also good at ignoring points that others make. Though it looks like I made a small victory here.

    And of course the arguments continue on…

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