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From the Comments: Glenn Munro

In the last month or so an Australian faith head called Glenn Munro (seen here playing drums in a rather awful band) has obsessively trolled the comments telling anyone who’ll listen how bored he is of my blog, how much he can’t see the point of my writing against religion, and how he’s fed up of the colourful language I often employ. The obvious retort that springs to mind is ‘If you’re so disinterested why do you repeatedly return to express your disinterest?’

Glenn also likes to claim that I’ve not responded to ‘adult’ observations he believes he’s made, repeatedly claiming that I’ve ‘avoided’ the real issues when interacting with him, despite the fact that I’ve answered his only point several times (as he seems to be incapable of reading those replies I’ll paraphrase again here – the religious believe things that are actively harmful to themselves and their children and their fellow humans, and seek to impose the results of their beliefs any everyone else).

Today he’s back, commenting on my short piece about Eric Hovind selling lies to children – here’s what he has to say –

Pathetic!!!!  Who knows how the grand canyon was formed for sure? Who was there to tell us? Nobody, that’s right.

Nothing to do with whether God exists or not.

This is a desperate attempt to use the words of a fool to prove there is no God.

Silly argument on all points.

Please , has anybody got any proof there is no God?

All I keep seeing is lame retorts to comments made about a belief.

You atheists must have some great proof that there is no God, otherwise there would be no point to this site.

So what is it?? What is the great proof there is no God???!!!

Dont expect anything intelligent from you Alex but surely there’s an athiest here that has the proof.

If so what is it????!!!!

Im all ears.

Setting aside the fact that an ancient Earth (for which the Grand Canyon is clear evidence), where evolution has taken place DIRECTLY contradicts the Biblical Creation account, and destroys the notion of Original Sin via proving that Adam and Eve never existed, I replied thus –

Glenn, as an atheist I hold the view that there is no evidence for the existence of any gods. As I hold a negative position the onus is upon you, the holder of the positive position, to provide evidence that supports your position.

If I came to you and said ‘Invisible lazer knights exist!’ then you would (rightly) ask me to prove it, and if I replied ‘Well, you can’t prove that they don’t, therefore they do…I WIN!!!! CHECK MATE INVISIBLE LAZER KNIGHTEIST!’ you would (also rightly) assume I was insane.

No-one can prove that gods don’t exist, just as no-one can prove the Invisible Lazer Knights don’t exist. The problem has arisen because the faithful insist that their gods DO exist, but have singularly failed to provide a single piece of convincing evidence to support their claims in the entire history of humankind.

So, Glenn, what evidence do you have that your version of your particular god exists, and that it is the ‘right’ one?

I’m looking forward to Glenn responding, perhaps he’ll be the first believer ever to produce positive evidence that his god exists?

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13 thoughts on “From the Comments: Glenn Munro

  1. Well, the people over at fundies say the darndest things have found an example where religion can be bad for people.

  2. And they’ve found another reason why religion can be bad for people.

  3. xu1997 on said:

    Good on you Alex, once again you have managed to avoid sharing with us what has convinced you that there is no creator.

    I must congratulate you on your stalking abilities though, yes I play the drums.

    Thank you for your cruel comment about the quality of the band I play in, nice mind you have.

    As you can see we are all over 50 and play for enjoyment.

    To make a comment like you did just shows your immaturity and dosn’t impress anybody.

    Grow up.

    Like you say, you hold a negative position on the existance of God and from what you offer on this blog, I would say negativity is your second nature.

    You googled me to find some dirt and the best you could come up with is a rehearsal clip of my band on youtube.

    Why didnt you mention the fact I work in health?

    Why does it gaul you so much that there are people who believe in a creator that you have to create this blog.

    What drives you Alex?

    You cant answer my simple question “What proof have atheists that there is no God”

    Instead you are aroused from your single line retorts and google me to find out who I am and how you can discredit me.

    Just answer the question why are you so driven by your belief that there is no God??

    Is that the time? Must run.



    • Alex Botten on said:

      Glenn, i’ve explained repeatedly why i am against religion, and i directly addressed my reasons for not believing in gods. I’m sorry that you have a blind spot when it comes to my answers.

  4. The proof that “God” doesn’t exist is that stupid people exist who can’t prove that “God” exists but yet ask for proof that “God” doesn’t exist.

    • Ydemoc on said:

      That’s a good one, Corky! I like that. It doesn’t need it, but it occurred to me to add something [in brackets] to what you wrote:

      “The proof that “God” doesn’t exist is that stupid people exist who can’t prove that “God” exists [and merely presuppose that “God” exists] but yet ask for proof that “God” doesn’t exist.”

      I wonder if others might contribute additions of their own.


      • Alex Botten on said:

        I second Ydemoc’s praise!

      • Change “God” to “Santa Claus” and it’s pretty easy to see that we should assume that “Santa Claus” doesn’t exist until someone proves or shows some kind of decent evidence that he does.

        If a person wants to assume Santa exists anyway, well, how stupid is that?

  5. xu1997 on said:

    Alex i have this fear that you will soon play God and irradicate my presence, due to my unrighteousness against the law of atheists as written in the book of Botten.

    Before I am obliterrated I have written a poem entitled :-

    “The Atheist”

    dedicated to Alex Botten

    “There is No God” the atheist cries,
    I create my own destiny.

    I am the centre of my universe
    obeying the law of my fantasy.

    “There is no God without” I cry
    Only my God within

    – Glenn Munro 2012

  6. In other words, Glenn, you’ve got nothing…typical. You are supposed to be ready at all times to give an answer and defend the faith once delivered. Yeah, it’s in that book that you evidently haven’t read.

  7. GM
    I am the centre of my universe
    obeying the law of my fantasy.

    That first line in that stanza sounds like a strawman, the second line sounds like you’re talking about you and your fellow theists.

  8. Mex5150 on said:

    Glenn, I would like you to provide proof Thor does not exist, if you are unable to do this, it is obvious you are following the wrong religion.

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